Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Find Your Signature Style

I am so excited to be here today for the last and final week of this season! What a fun season it has been to watch the designers each week. My favorite week each season for Project Run and Play has always been the Signature Style week. I love how each person has their own unique style and has a reason they sew what they sew. One of my favorite things is to read how people find their own Signature Style, so today, I will share some simple steps I take each time I design something.
If someone were to ask me what I do, I tell them I am a graphic designer...but having outlets to sew and create in different ways have been a big influence in finding my Signature Style. It's really funny, but as I thought about talking about HOW I design each of the outfits I put together, it almost directly mirrors how I also design a new print. Whether you look at my paper art or my sewing, I think there is a definite style. When I sewed as a competitor in the final week of PR&P, I described my style as bold with whimsy (which is also how I would describe my art prints). But how do I get there?
Each time I make something I think about 3 things:
3-the extras
The very first thing I do when sewing an outfit is pick a color scheme. I get inspired from so many places...magazines, nature, Pinterest, and I have a site I go to anytime I feel stuck with color. Have you ever heard of Design Seeds? It is one of my favorite. I love colors that are bold. I love interesting combinations...and enjoy seeing how the colors of an outfit can completely change the feel of the style. As I put together an outfit for this week, I was inspired by the Pink Mermaid Fabric in Sarah Jane's Out to Sea Collection. My daughter is currently obsessed with mermaids, so it was a perfect choice. From there, I chose the navy anchor fabric and found a perfect large chevron print from Riley Blake as well. I have loved this color combo for awhile, so I went with it. I also really loved the bold and graphic chevron and anchors paired with the whimsical mermaid print. I like using different kinds of fabric, but my all time favorite is just a designer cotton. It is soft and durable and the colors and prints you can find are SO fun!
As a starting point, I always use patterns, but I love the details that you can add when you sew your own kids clothes. Those little details that you add (I have some that I do each time) is what make those clothes you sew your own. They are a part of that Signature Style that make your designs recognizable. I adore the shoulders of the shirt I sewed for this week...I could have made it be a simple tank top style, but instead I added a cap sleeve, and had it close over the shoulder. My daughter hates zippers to open and close on her shorts, so I made them elastic and my daugter always seems to be wearing at least 3 layers, so by adding the jacket, she was right in her element. Being able to make the clothes as I like means that I can personalize them to the taste of the recipient (and I always think that is SO fun!)
Lastly, after designing my outfits, I end with my favorite thing: finding the perfect accessories (or the extras)!
You can see here the sweet necklace and gold belt I found for my daughter at Downeast Basics, the flower brooch I made and the pink little bow was just perfect in her hair. I LOVE making the accessories, but let's face it...a lack of time and being able to find accessories for a good deal are a perfectly good reason to purchase them too. Either way you do it, accessories can really take your outfit from good to great!
And that's it! I'd love for you to come and visit me at my site. I give free printables away on my site and in my free newsletter, but you can also find me pinning away on Pinterest or keeping up with my readers on Facebook! Best of luck this week to the finalists.
And just remember...sometimes I think the hardest thing to do when talking about Signature Style...is defining exactly what yours is!
Can you put your style into words? What would you call it?

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  1. Those shorts are so adorable! I love anything with Sarah Jane fabrics :)

    Good to see you over here again….I always loved your style when you were a competitor!

  2. Great explanation on choosing your styles.
    Cometely makes sense
    In a way I couldn't have put into words, my creative mind is a mess of ideas that just seem to kibble and juggle until they settle, I really must make a system for my brain to cope with that! Ha. Your little one and her outfit is gorgeous!

    1. thank you! I totally understand the mess of ideas that mull around until they settle thing.:) whatever works for you is best.

  3. So adorable Kiki! I love how you defined your style so simply and pulled off an amazing project using those as a guide! Great job.

  4. I love how Kiki shared her process. Thank you for sharing your details in design and execution!

  5. adorable!!!! i can't believe this is the last week...you guys need to drag it out longer! i love this series!

  6. Great post, Kiki :) I admire what a clearly defined style you have and I loved the outfit (the purple chevrons and the fish necklace were my favorite parts). Thanks for sharing

  7. I love the way your brain works! And how it is completely different to my thought processes. How fascinating!

    Also super cute outfit!


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