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It's Time to Vote! Week #2 Designs

We are here at week two and it is all about the chevrons this week!  Each designer has created a unique look centered around 2 yards of Riley Blake Chevrons that they were sent as a starting point for their outfit.  And boy, did they not disappoint!!!! 

The poll to vote is in the right-hand sidebar.  Be sure to scroll down to see all six designs and then vote for your favorite (which is going to be a very hard choice)!  Remember that it is one vote per computer/IP address.  And now...for the designs.....

Girl. Inspired--Schoolgirl Sophisticate
The Schoolgirl Sophisticate look is composed of two intricately designed pieces. The ruffled blouse and chevron-pieced skirts were both constructed from patterns that I drafted based on my daughter's petite measurements. The sweet, button-up blouse is made from a gorgeous mustard sateen. The color is rich and shiny, producing a luxurious-looking blouse. Puff sleeves are gathered at the base for a neat, professional look. The button-up front boasts pearl and gold buttons separating the layers of ruffles on each side and the neckline is trimmed in bias tape made from the same material.
I chose a teal and navy chevron for the material to be incorporated into the outfit. I wanted to alter the chevron and decided to cut it apart and turn it into a new "chevron with texture." I cut along the bottom zigzag edge of each navy row, which resulted in cuts on the bias. This left me with a zigzag raw edge that wouldn't fray much. I stacked each chevron row on top of the next, basted the rows in place, and then stitched inverted box pleats that extended from the top to the base of the new fabric piece. I have some picture details on this process over on my blog today if you're interested - pictures might be easier than words on this one!! Once the entire piece of layered chevron had been pleated, I used the material to cut my skirt pattern - a slim A-line skirt with a wide waistband in solid teal cotton to match the teal color in the original chevron. The skirt closes with a side zipper. It is also lined, since the little triangle "scales" pop open as the skirt moves. You get a little peek at that pretty contrasting teal. I love the dimension that the piecing of the skirt provides.
Olivia and I had a blast taking pictures over at her future high school! Most of the structures were built in the early 20's (especially old for California buildings!!) and Olivia had fun running up and down the hallways and peeking through archways - we'd love it if you stop over at Girl. Inspired. to see a bunch more pictures and the details on how I put together that skirt!! Thank you!

Craftiness Is Not Optional--The Vintage Arrow

 Chevrons! You either love them or you don't. I am in the "love them" camp-so I was really looking forward to this theme! I also really wanted to alter the chevrons to give them a different that's where the piecing came in. It took 2 yards of the navy chevron fabric, painstakingly cut and pieced together, to make the arrow skirt. It was a labor of love-this skirt, with all of the piecing, the waistband, and hand stitching the hem-about 4-5 hours was spent just on the skirt. (and don't I wish it came in my size! Maybe someday when the memory of all that piecing has faded away...) I created a wide, high waistband, with elastic in the back for comfort, and added some button tabs to the sides of the waistband for some interest. I just happened to have the perfect size of navy blue vintage buttons in my when that happens! It was a little sewing miracle.

  I kept the vintage feel going with the sweet ruffled top. It was sewn with soft white cotton and I gathered three rows of serged strips to create the ruffled "yoke" on the front. It buttons up the front and has comfy elastic in the sleeves, also with a slight ruffle! The headband is a two toned oversize bow that used up all the scraps-nothing was left to waste with the fabric I had! I was just excited that I was able to match the navy so well. Phew! Hope you like it! Come see more pics, and also something extra that didn't make it into the final outfit...over on Craftiness is not Optional!

See Kate Sew--Zig Zag Bubblegum

zig zag bubblegum - see kate sew
I chose a grey chevron to work with. The first piece of the outfit was the zig zag tunic, a trapeze style top. I thought it would be fun to play with the zig zags by pleating them, gathering them and matching them up along the front button placket. I countered the harsh chevron lines with a rounded yoke near the waistline. The seam is piped with gold piping. 4 buttons line the front placket. The sleeves are gathered with elastic creating a soft ruffle.
  zig zag tunic - see kate sew

The bubblegum coat design came together as I made it. It's made of wool and And it turned out looking pretty mod. (Go figure, I can't get away from the 60s, I love them too much!) There are slight gathers above and below the band. The jacket is fully lined with a gorgeous floral and has a peter pan collar. Rounded button pockets adorn the front. Come by to check out lots more pictures and details!
mod coat - see kate sew

Shwin & Shwin--Here Comes The Sun

I was so excited to work with the chevron print, and then I realized I had no idea what to make with it. After making 2 other looks that just weren't "me" I decided to mix some very "me" things with the chevron print to make a look I loved. So I decided a color blocked skirt was a must. I went with Coral and Sea foam green since they work really nicely as a pop of color with the navy. 

The skirt is really full and gathered so it has the twirl factor that little girls love. I also made a navy tulle skirt to go under the dress so it has a nice "fluffy" look. The top is a circle neckline with back button closure, and it is all trimmed out with bias tape I made from the skirt fabric so it all matches. The back is split down the middle so it is easy on and off, but I matched up the chevron print so it looks continuous across the back. The skirt was pieced together and then gathered to fit to the bodice, and it can be worn with or without the underskirt for a less formal look.

Stop by my blog to check out more pictures!

iCandy Handmade--Pink Lemonade Dress
As we all know, Chevron has been the it fabric.  
We were so excited to have this as our challenge this week... It was ridiculous to choose which chevron we wanted to use as we looked at all the possibilities; but we loved how girly the pink and white chevron was and our ruffly-confection design began to take root.  

 We knew we wanted ruffles, but not just a handful...yards and yards of sweet ruffles for the skirt of this dress.  From there, we built up to the halter-style back, an empire waist with a hint of lemony-yellow and the large-chevron print bodice. 
 We were excited about mixing the two different sizes of chevron for this dress, and we both loved the pop of sunshine that the yellow brings.  Doesn't it just make you feel like Summer is right around the corner?
Now before you go grab yourself a cold glass of Lemonade (wink wink), head on over to iCandy to see more fun pictures!
Jen and Autie

Happy Together--Triangular-fied
 This was a fun challenge for me. I chose the large chevron print in black. Once it arrived, I looked at it for a few days and tried to decide what to do with it. I knew it needed to become something else, so I would fold it this way and that to see what new design I could make. This is what became of that. I found out it was easy to make triangles from chevrons!


 I wanted to showcase the triangles, so I put it front and center on a top. I used piping around the sleeves and neckline and shirred on the top of the sleeves for some extra pizzazz. I had a hard time deciding on what to pair with it, but I ended up making some leggings from a t-shirt to which I added some zippers and little leather triangles above the zippers. I used the leftover shirt pieces to tie into a headband. I will be sharing more details on my blog today if you would like to know more and see a few more pics :)



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