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It's Time to Vote! Week #3 Designs

Week #3 is here and it is time to vote!  The theme as you remember is "all in the details" and boy, did these ladies put in some phenomenal details.  Wait until you see them all up close!
The poll is up in the right-hand sidebar and it is just one vote per computer/ IP address.  See you Monday bright and early with the results--but it might just take you all weekend to look at each of the individual designs and then decide on one to vote for!
Happy Together--Summer Lovin'

My outfit for the all in the details challenge was inspired by summer. The warm weather is here and I wanted to make something carefree. I used different kinds of fabric to have different textures. The strawberry print is silky, the red and the polka dots is cotton, the back green is a ribbed knit, and the skirt is a smooth knit. I was really happy with how they all came together. The top is a gathered piece in the front with two pieces overlapping near the top. I wanted the sides of the overlapped pieces to go just to the beginning of the back. They are held in place with wood buttons.


I used leather for half of the straps. There is another small piece of leather looped in the back so they can be tied in place. Some shirring was done in the back to bring it in a little bit, but there is still plenty of room for running and playing. The front is also longer than in the back.


The skirt is a simple wide a-line with a twist. I cut a slit in the middle front and back and then added a triangle shaped piece of fabric in those slits. I didn't have enough fabric, so I pieced some together. I like that kind of thing a lot anyways. You can see more pics and details over at my blog if you like :)

Girl. Inspired---Sparkle and Shine
I love this week's theme - the details!!  The details are really what take our homemade clothes and give them personality, some flare, that extra something that distinguishes them from just another store bought outfit.  When our little ones describe a piece of clothing, they usually focus on a specific standout detail - it's the heart shirt or the pants with that special pocket.  And adding details makes designing clothes so much more fun, too!  The outfit I created for this week was made especially for my 5-year-old cutie. She's full of spunk and personality, but likes comfortable, easy to wear clothes.
I started with a pink and grey knit tunic with 3/4-length ruched sleeves and ruching down the sides for a comfortable, but stylish top.  I added burnt orange leather plackets on the shoulders with large metal snaps.  This is where my metal detailing begins.  I also added metallic stitching to all the standout areas - like around the collar and leather plackets.  A silver metallic pocket on the front of the top gives it an extra little punch of fun and balances the metal snaps!  Along with the top, I drafted a pair of super skinny denim capris with leather pocket accents on the front and back.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but silver metallic thread was used for all the topstitching on the jeans and really looks very chic.   I added some small heat-set nailheads across the front faux-pocket plackets.  I love how they accent the metallic topstitching and the metal snaps on the shirt.  I rolled the hem of the pants because I think it suits the style so nicely - kind of a touristy/beach stroll look.
I hadn't intended to sew for Grace for PR&P, if I'm to be honest.  It's quite the challenge to catch her in a mood where she'll model for a photoshoot.  After a disastrous first attempt, Grace really shined during this second shoot.  She was waaaaayyyy into the modeling - especially eager to swing her arms every which way and show off her pockets!   Come on over to Girl. Inspired. for more pictures of the outfit and some very original modeling moves!

iCandy Handmade--Mini Mademoiselle
We loved this challenge.  Our Mini Mademoiselle was inspired by our love of the 50's silhouette and Audrey Hepburn. Can't you just picture a young Audrey wearing this dress?  
We envisioned our girls wearing these dresses at a cute outdoor cafe in Paris and we were super excited when we found this hotel courtyard that had the right feel for our photo shoot. The front of the dress is classic and simple, which we love, but then there is a party in the back!  

The dress is a simple boat neck, cap sleeve dress mostly made out of white poplin which has a nice crisp feel to it.  The back of the bodice is white cotton voile, which has pin-tucks going up at an angle along the neckline.  The voile creates a translucent contrast to the rest of the bodice, which curves up to meet the bottom of the V back neckline.  We created a huge bow, out of black poplin, lined with fusible fleece to hold its shape.  It is sewn on one side of the zipper, and attaches with a large snap once the dress is zipped up.  The bottom of the full, gathered skirt is scalloped.  

The girls loved dressing up so elegantly.  They feel so pretty in these dresses.  
We hope you love them as much as we do!

Come on over to iCandy to see more details!
Jen & Autie

Craftiness is Not Optional--The Modern Marigold

"It's all in the details" week was definitely the hardest for me, took awhile to figure out what I wanted to do...after all,  the theme "Details" is not much of a guideline. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted! Talk about overwhelming. Finally I was able to gather a collection of fabric together that I was excited about and decide on my pieces! The ruffled top is the piece that pulls it all together-with the mustard yellow, white, red,  and blue. I added a cut-out notch on the sleeve and framed it in some red piping and bias tape. The three rows of ruffles were carefully tacked down so that they stay in place but retain their awesome ruffliness. (its a word...promise ;) The top buttons in back with a vintage brown button and the A-line cut of the top frames the bias trimmed mustard skirt. The sweet A-line skirt is actually a cast off from week 1! I dyed some too-bright yellow linen with tea bags until it was the perfect mustard yellow, then made narrow bias tape and sewed it on carefully for a fun swoopy sunburst pattern. Look carefully-it's subtle! It has a flat waistband in front, and some elastic in back for a comfy yet stylish skirt. I love the little kick pleat in back! I added some ruffled white trim on the bottom for some interest.

The red cardigan was made from a thrifted cardigan-totally cut apart and re-sewn into a new grandpa-style cardigan for this look! This piece took the longest because I wanted it to be as well made as possible. I added some pleated pockets, new red buttons to match, and button tabs on the sleeves with hand embroidered buttons to match the pattern on the shirt! I also added some color blocking on the top of the back of the cardi, and two little tabs on the side seams to hold the quirky tie. A many-petaled felt flower clip featuring french knots finishes off the look! 

  Come see many more pics over on Craftiness is not Optional!
 Shwin and Shwin--All You Need is Love
 All you need is love... a totally appropriate tittle for this week since detail work really is a labor of love. Especially in kids wear. You know countless hours or hand work and detailing to make everything perfect and special and then they out grow it in a month. This look was no exception. When I thought about the challenge I knew one thing. Embroidery would be my focus. (it's my first love) I also didn't want so many details packed into one outfit that the details were overwhelming. I wanted you to have to look at the details to really notice them.
 The top was a design that I haven't been able to get out of my mind for months. I decided this was the perfect challenge for it since it is both simple, and complex. It has sweet little ruffled sleeves that contrast the straight band. I wide scoop neck that dips low in back. Three layers of a circle skirt each with a rolled hem so they lay perfectly and add a little feminine flounce. The back overlaps and buttons in place, and the skirt was cut to look continuous even when overlapped. Then my favorite part. The embroidered heart which consists of hundreds of tiny little french knots that fade down in the same ombre effect on the pants. The french knots are too look like little birds flying down and coming together to form the heart. I also embroidered the words "All you need is love" at the bottom corner of the heart. The pants are some skinny stretch denim jeans I made that started out white then they got a dip dye in pink bath and then thrown into a pale blue bath so they have the fun look of fading from blue (my favorite color) to purple (my daughters favorite color) Lastly I made a soft and lovely tulle bow for her hair to top off the sweet and feminine feel.

See Kate Sew--Gold Collar Girl
This baby outfit has 4 pieces: a peter pan collared button-up dress, button bloomers, tiny gold shoes and a bow headwrap. I screenprinted the triangle/arrow fabric for another look but ended up not using it. But it had to be used so I paired it with this plush pink cotton and a gold spandex. (GOLD SPANDEX!) I used lots of details in this look: custom fabric, gathers, shoes and lots of buttons! Buttons are one of my favorite design elements, so it only made sense to throw them into this theme. 
There are 9 buttons down the back of the dress. I purchased a pack that happened to have 9 buttons on clearance and they fit perfectly! They are my favorite feature of this dress. The dress is yoked with a gathered skirt. It also has a gold peter pan collar and gold sleeve bindings. To finish the look, I made a pair of bloomers with spray painted buttons. Tiny gold baby shoes and a bow headwrap finish off this hip baby dress!

More pictures at see kate sew!

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