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Time to Vote: Week #4 Designs

So today is our final reveal for the All Stars Season.  Each week has been full of beautiful photography and delightful clothing and this week is no exception.
The theme for this week is "Spring Formal Wear".  Look through the designs, read all about them and then vote for your favorite.  (If you can narrow it down to just one favorite!)
Good Luck! 
See Kate Sew--Vintage Easter

For the spring formal look I chose to make an Easter outfit. I have been meaning to make my boy some Sunday shortalls for a while now to show off his knobby knees. Oh, toddler knees! These are vintage inspired shortalls with buttons in the front. The suspenders cross in the back and have a little elastic to keep them up. They are made with a lightweight gray twill fabric.

The button-up underneath has a nautical style collar and 5 bright blue buttons. The button-up is made with lightweight gingham fabric and has a pleated yoke in the back. The shortalls have a little elastic in the back and working buttons straps in the front. Just the right amount of formal, but still very playful. I made 2 other shirts before deciding to go with orange gingham. I love how the modern bright colors update the vintage style!
Find out how we got a toddler to model for these pictures (it was hard!) at see kate sew!

Happy Together--My Southern Belle

This week is all about fancy, so I knew there needed to be some ruffles. I made the skirt first. It was inspired by my bed comforter actually. The mustard color fabric is a circle with the bottom cut off. I shirred a zig-zag and straight pattern around 2 times to get it to look like that, then a plain zig-zag stitch on the inner part. The top is made from a lace fabric with, you guessed it, more ruffles! And a faux button down front. I added some vintage buttons to the front and a little pleat to the back. I also made the tank top and the belt to match. This isn't exactly an everyday kind of outfit, but I know that the pieces can be paired with other things to dress it down a bit.
You can see more pictures and information about this outfit on my blog.
Living in coastal California, the ocean is a big part of our culture. 
It is a place of serenity and peace.  It is a study of opposites- rough yet gentle, hard and soft, tumultuous and calming.  
For this last challenge, it is was our inspiration.  
I Candy Handmade--Shoreline Dress

We chose to make this dress out of a beautiful matte ivory satin and layers and layers of ivory and Williamsburg blue tulle. Ocean colors.  We wanted the effect to be subtle yet elegant.  The skirt is a circle skirt cut out of the satin, with layer after layer of hand pleated tulle which was then attached to the ombre bodice.  The skirt reminds us of ocean mist.

 The bodice is deceptively simple.  To create the ombre look, varying layers of tulle were stitched down onto the satin to create this textile. 
Covered buttons and a delicate bow complete the look.

We really love how this dress turned out!  
For more details and pictures, come on over to iCandy.

Jen & Autie

Shwin and Shwin--Two of Us

 The week I knew right from the start that it would be the week I design something for my son. Naturally I couldn't leave my daughter out so I made them coordinating outfits. I wanted something that could be worn together without being too matchy matchy so I first decided on the color palette. Much like my week 2 palette I went with mint, coral, navy, white and grey. Since it is for Spring formal wear I kept my son't outfit casual going for shorts and short sleeves, Then I let my daughters dress be a little more fancy formal, I love the look of them together.
 For my son I made a grey trouser short, with faux back pockets so they always stay flat and in place. I made a fitted color blocked collared shirt with color blocked pockets that follow the chevron design on the tie. The tie is something I had cut out for week two but I didn't end up making it, and it worked perfect for this week. For my daughter I started with a dreamy loose weave linen in bright coral. I made a ballerina neckline for the bodice and attached layers of gathered tulle to the bodice. Then I made the pleated skirt from the linen that is worn over the tulle so it has some great body to it. The skirt has a nice heavy hem so that it doesn't fly away. The bodice also has hand beading in a waterfall cascade over the shoulder. I used 5 different types of beads to get the effect I wanted and the colors pull everything together since I added some grey and mint beads into the mix.

For more pictures and details head over to my blog!

Girl. Inspired--All Dressed Up

Formal wear is probably my favorite type of children's clothing to design so I was looking forward to this week's challenge.  I created a dress for an older child to wear to a formal wedding, but I could also see the same style worn with cowgirl boots at a more casual affair.
This dress is comfortable to wear and easy to put on - great for younger girls, but gorgeous for older girls, too.  I started with a strapless dress design made with a crinkle silk charmeuse.  The front bodice is softly gathered at the top center and slopes down just slightly with a flattering curve under the arms.  I stitched on this awesome gold bias tape to finish the top edge on the bodice and create a casing in the back for elastic.  However, the bias tape was too itchy in the back on my daughter, so I removed it from the back only and added a casing made out of the dress material.  The waist is also elasticized in the back, so the dress just pulls on and off without any zippers or buttons with which to fuss.
For the skirt portion of the dress, I created a bubble skirt, using some gathered lining underneath to add body and a much longer piece of main fabric that could be picked up all over to make a special piece.  Working on a dress form, I pinned up tucks in the skirt, somewhat symmetrically, and surrounding the entire skirt.  Once I had the dress picked up how I wanted, I put in zigzag stitches to attach the main skirt to the lining in those spots.  I made a sash out of this great gold sequin material backed with a pink Kona cotton to blend with the dress color.  The sash ties in a simple knot in the back of the dress.  While this dress could be worn strapless for older girls/women, it needed some sort of straps for my daughter.  I used six pieces of pink and gold narrow ribbon and attached them on one side of the bodice.  The straps then fan out across the back and connect to the back of the bodice.  Olivia loves this dress - she's all about the fancy and this one fit the bill.  You can find more pictures and tell me what you think over at Girl. Inspired.  And thank you for supporting this exciting and inspiring season of Project Run and Play - it couldn't have been more awesome!

Craftiness is Not Optional--Ballerine de Corail

I had SO much fun with this week's theme-"Spring Formal Wear"...and so did Sadie! After all, what's more fun than dressing up like a princess? Well....a ballerina!

I found this amazing coral fabric on clearance ($2 a yard or something ridiculous) and paired it with some stretch polka dot lace. It's a somewhat simple look, but has some lovely feminine and delicate details. I created a ballerina neckline with the lace and coral fabric, which then tapers down in a V shape on the back, and closes with some vintage white buttons with a fun texture to them. (hard to see but cool!) Then I made a "bubble" circle skirt! (circle skirt part using MADE's tutorial) I just love how it gathers and sways when she moves-just like a tutu!

For the accessories, I made a floral sash and headband, using the wrong side of the fabric for some contrast! I cut tons of circles for petals, then burned my fingers a lot melting the edges just so, then arranged, layered,  and stitched them in place, then hand stitched on each tiny pearl meticulously. Same for the headband...just slightly smaller and 3 of them in a row. The sash is removable and the flower pins onto it...good thing cause I might just have to "borrow" it sometime... ;)

See many more pictures of my coral ballerina over on Craftiness is not Optional!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have two favoriets here - though they are all so fantastic - happy I have a computer at work, and one at home ;)

  2. I have 3 favorites! They are all sooo good. It's hard to decide.

  3. Fantastic work ladies, but my heart has a favourite! Already voted!!!

  4. You are all fantastic ladies! I love them all. I wish I could vote for all at the same time.

    1. I vote Shwin and Shwin! !!! Love the idea and it's perfect for younger kids that don't want to match.

    2. I vote Shwin and Shwin! !!! Love the idea and it's perfect for younger kids that don't want to match.

    3. I vote Shwin and Shwin! !!! Love the idea and it's perfect for younger kids that don't want to match.

    4. I vote Shwin and Shwin! !!! Love the idea and it's perfect for younger kids that don't want to match.

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  8. OMG too too hard to vote on any ONE! This is seriously terribly hard! Congratulations to all participants you did an excellent job in this round and the entire series! I hope you all plan to release tutorials or patterns on some of these wonderful creations--i'll be first in line!

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    It is a hard choice as they all are so well done.

  17. I vote craftiness is not optional. That dress is adorable!

  18. I vote craftiness is not optional. That dress is adorable!

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