Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: The Ribbon Retreat

The Ribbon Retreat is a global ribbon and fabric store that is amazing, fun, and full of top of the line products that inspire creativity daily.  This fantastic business started as an online store in June of 2004.  Over the years it has experienced a great deal of growth and in addition to an ever growing online business, also has an amazing retail store located in Shelley, Idaho.
The Ribbon Retreat was started in a most humble and simple way.  In 2004, our owner, Lanae, decided she wanted to earn a little extra cash for Christmas.  After stewing over what she could do to achieve this desire, she discovered that she could make and sell bows in a local craft show, on eBay, and on a small website.  Not only did Lanae accomplish her goal and desire to make a little extra cash, she realized that she loved bows AND ribbon!  
Because of her new found love for bow making her business was started and housed in the basement of her home.  However, with love and nourishment, Lanae's ribbon business grew and grew and grew to the point that she needed help and lots of it.  With the help of her husband, Justin, they created a bow maker to aide in the bow making process and in the creation of a more finished and professional looking bow.  With the creation of this bow maker, The Ribbon Retreat business expanded even more and at great lengths to the point of both Lanae and Justin becoming full time employees of The Ribbon Retreat.  

Although The Ribbon Retreat began with such humbleness, it is now a successful and thriving business comprised of over 25 employees and is housed in a 10,000 square foot building, including a beautifully modern and brand new retail fabric store and a wholesale business that furnishes a large number of businesses and business owners with our top of the line ribbon and exclusive ribbon.  Our business website showcases all of our fabulous products, from ribbon to fabric, from hardware to notions and everything in between, available to both our local and virtual customers.  Along with all of the above, The Ribbon Retreat also has a 3 year old blog that is full of greatly creative and fabulous tutorials, contests, and giveaways that are sure to inspire the newest beginner to the most advanced bow maker, seamstress, and DIYer.  Our blog has crafts galore and something for all!

We would LOVE for you to pay us a visit at our retail store in Shelley, our website at, or our blog at  Thank you for letting us share our story with you and our love for all things ribbon, fabric, and crafty!

****I just had to add a quick note here at the bottom---Yes, The Ribbon Retreat is awesome---and yes, they have an amazing selection of fabrics and ribbons and notions, and yes they are a well known name around blogland BUT they are also one of the NICEST most WONDERFUL companies we have had the opportunity to work with.  It is magic to find a company that not only sells quality products but is run by quality people...and we LOVE them!  Thank you Ribbon Retreat for being so fabulous.*****

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