Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something Dear to Our Hearts is About to Begin...Again

Last year Elizabeth and I started a project that was important to us.
We called it Skirting the Issue.
It was a month long event where we asked sweet seamstresses from all across blogland to share a skirt tutorial with us.  We then asked all of you to sew some skirts along with us and donate them to a local foster care closet.
By the time we tallied the final numbers we realized that almost 600 skirts were made and donated to local charities along with over 100 pair of shoes and a variety of other items...all ready to go just in time for back to school.  (Our final S.T.I. post shows the number being less but then we continued to get emails and packages in the ladies were amazing.)
I love foster kids.  (You can read about why here---My first experience with foster care.)  And I adore the idea of all of us getting together to do what we love (sew) for those who could use something made with love.
My heart literally swells and my eyes start to swim when I think about all of you sewing along with us last year. How much do I appreciate all of you?  I'll tell you it's more than a lot. 
Even before Skirting the Issue ended last year we knew that we needed to make it an annual event for ever and for always....and that there were a few things we'd like to add to the month.
So after a year of planning, we are happy to announce that Skirting the Issue 2013 will begin on Monday.  

There will still be skirts, tutorials, and even prizes for those who sew along with us.  But there will also be several new projects to make as well as a variety of different charities ideas for you to donate to.
I'm so excited...I love the energy and the power of women combining forces for good.
I can't wait until Monday!

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  1. I will be making some skirts for you to give to the foster families and some shorts for boys, too. I read your linked blog about your attachment to foster families. I was awash in tears. Still am. Thank you for being YOU. You are a BLESSING!

  2. I can't wait! What a fantastic idea!

  3. What a great idea. I would love to help. This year is over? Too late to send skirts?

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you are expanding the charities this year!


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