Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Fishsticks Designs

Hi there, fellow sewing enthusiasts! I’m Bonnie, the owner and designer at Fishsticks Designs. I’m "Momma" to six children ranging in age from 23 to 3, and "Gi-Gi" to two little ones, too. No, I’m not a lover of frozen fishsticks, but I am a lover of sewing – sewing well and sewing efficiently and sewing practically! I believe that sewing should be fun, not hard, and you should love the end result. (If you want to know the whole story behind the funny name, you’ll have to hop over to my blog and read my “About Me”.)

I started designing patterns about 7 years ago for my own online sewing business and really jumped in with both feet when my fifth child (and third son) was born. I wanted to sew cute clothes for my little guy, and there just weren’t a lot of options available at the time, especially options for clothing that is comfortable and practical. I remember reading a quote from a well-known designer at the time who said in essence that she designed primarily for girls because no one was purchasing designs for boys. I was sure, though, that there must be a market for boys’ patterns – it just hadn’t quite been discovered yet! It’s so exciting to see today that moms (and grandmothers and aunts) are sewing for their little guys and enjoying it as much as sewing for their daughters! (I am adding little girls’ sewing patterns to my collection now, too, but I have no plans to stop creating for your little boys!)

One of the basic elements of each of my patterns is practicality. I never leave out fun and interesting options to give character to your sewing, but when you grab one of my patterns, I want you to want to go back to it again and again. Even better, though, I want your child to wear it again and again. Personally, while I do sometimes sew for special occasions, when I put the time into sewing something, I want it to get plenty of use! (Jackets and hoodies are among my favorite things to sew because they get an incredible amount of use when compared to other things.)

I happen to love sewing with knits because they’re so comfortable. (If I had to guess, I’d bet it’s pretty likely that you’re wearing a knit top right now while you’re reading this! I am . . . and knit pants, too, because I’m typing very early in the morning while sitting in my car waiting for my 13-year-old son’s track team to come back from their morning run. Multi-tasking is a way of life around here!) Many of my patterns are sewn with knit fabrics, and I know that some of you are afraid of knit fabrics. Don’t be! With the right tools and a really short learning curve, you will fall in love with sewing knits, too!

Each of my patterns is available in your choice of instant download PDF or snail mailed full-size paper pattern. All of my patterns contain step-by-step instructions with photographs and word explanations of every step. I say it’s like hanging out in my sewing studio with me, or at least the closest we can get without you actually stopping by for a visit. Really, though, if you need extra help, you can always call on me or my assistant to walk you through. We’re just an email away!

I hope you’ll stop by my website and check out my patterns, or even better, come visit my blog to see what I’m working on, learn something new about sewing (maybe check out my Knit Knowledge series), join in with some of the charity sewing projects that I support, or download a free tutorial and sew something fun today!

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