Friday, September 13, 2013

A Post with a Twist

Yes, the voting for this week is closed.
The votes are being tallied.
The judges scores are being tallied.
The calculations are being made.
We aren't going to give you this weeks results today.
(I KNOW I KNOW that's so mean to make you wait.)
We have a good reason.
We HAVE to send you over to oliver + s today to read Liesl's post about the Popover dress and her suggestions for remixing the pattern.

It's so cute.
You can't miss it.
So go over THERE now!
(Seriously, go...right now...)
PS--And don't worry...all results will be revealed on Monday!

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  1. I agree! Very mean! I'm wondering if a certain trip played any part at all in this..... ;)

  2. AAAAGH! This lady will be on her toes till monday, I can't wait to see who-dun-it (best)!


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