Friday, September 27, 2013

Week #3 Results: Mad for Plaid

This week was all about the plaid.  And boy did our designers bring it!  They are awesome and amazing and their models looked delightful.....don't you agree?
But, it's Friday and let's face are here to see the results.  So, let's get down to the those.
After combining our judges' scores with our readers' poll results, the winner this week is Lexi with her Polka Dots and Plaid outfits.  Congrats Lexi!!!
And sadly after combining our scores (that were SOOO incredibly close) our friend Caila from Caila Made is leaving PR&P this week. 

We love Caila, her colorful and beautiful style and want to thank her a million times over for coming on this please send her some blog-love today for being here with us.

But Caila will be receiving a gift certificate to


 Each of the designers has worked so hard and we love them for that.  Thanks Caila for being so wonderful!!!!

Stay tuned....for next week....because it's Signature Style week!!!!
We will be back Monday with the results of the sew-along as well.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. BIG congrats Lexi. I loved your outfits this week. And ugh SO SORRY Caila. You are amazing!

  2. I love your CA style Caila! Your heart is just as sweet as your clothes! I'll be following your blog for more ideas, already have my own version of the flying geese dress in the works. Love ya xoxo

    1. Oh, I'm so excited to see your version of the flying geese dress, Lisa! And thanks so much for your sweet comment. You are always so encouraging. :)

  3. What a tough week for sure; everyone's looks were amazing! Congrats to Lexi, and you did awesome Caila!

  4. It must've been a tough week because all the entries were amazing! We will miss you, Caila. Congrats Lexi.

  5. Thank you ladies! I'm so excited :) and Caila you are so awesome! You will be missed next week.

  6. So sorry that Caila has to leave! Really love your blog! Congrats to Lexi - you did really great this week...


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