Saturday, November 9, 2013

Children's Holiday Wear Inspiration: Boys

Ready for some holiday inspiration for the little men in your life?
We are!  So we'll do just what we did for the girls...a round up for clothing from some commercial stores that have potential for some great holiday sewing inspiration. (For both casual and dressy looks.)



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  1. I'd love to know how you removed the background from your images? That looks fabulous.
    Sew Much to Give

  2. I am on such a Fox kick lately! I just finished a Fox jacket for my youngest.
    LOVE that shirt. Didn't know I was keeping up with trends!

  3. I like the vest and tie look for an older boy. It is not too time intensive and still fairly dressy. I know that if I made a jacket, that it would just not get enough wear to justify it for my little man. If I had more than one boy and it would get handed down, that would be another thing. Here is a vest and tie I made for my son a few years back. It still fits him, so I have gotten a few years of dress up out of it. :)


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