Friday, December 13, 2013

We're SO Excited!!! Today we get to tell you the themes for Season 8!

We have been waiting and waiting to finally spill the beans about this season.
And today is the day!
For awhile now we've been talking about having a special season of Project Run and Play where the contestants are all past sew along winners AND the themes are all favorite themes from seasons past. 
(Because who would know better how to sew up fabulous projects from seasons past than those ladies who've already been sewing along????)
We are so excited for this season.
How fun is this going to be?  Sew Along All -Stars and Favorite Themes?!?  It's going to be awesome!
***** for the themes...we've chosen some of our favorites from the first three seasons and they are:
Week One: (Jan 13th)---Winter Wonderland:  Design a winter inspired look.
Lil Blue Boo Season 1
Week Two: (Jan 20th)---Let's Go to the Movies:  Design a look based on a favorite movie or movie character.
Kiki and Company Season 3
Week Three: (Jan 27th)---Repurposing:  Design a look where the majority of the materials you use are either upcycled or recycled.
Simple Simon and Company Season 2
Week Four (Feb 3rd)---Your Signature Style:  Design a look that best represents your personal style of creating children's clothing.
No Big Dill Season 1
So there you have it!  The themes and some blasts from the past.
Season 8 officially begins on January 13th but we'll begin meeting our designers on December 30th.
Until then take care of yourselves and enjoy your holiday season!

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  1. I'm so excited! Within seconds of seeing this, I know what I'm doing for at least 2 of the weeks!

  2. Great themes! Hope I have time to participate.

  3. I'm going to try to get my ducks in a row to play along this time~

  4. Oh, how fun! All my favorite themes :D

  5. I love these themes! Awesome. I can't wait!

  6. Great themes!! I hope I have time to sew along also! Exciting!

  7. wow fun!!! Having only boys I think its a bit harder with some themes than others... but I'll do my best ;o)

  8. Oh I am so excited! Love the winter wonderland idea! No to start brainstorming!

  9. I'm issuing myself a personal challenge to not only actually do this this time.. but also to blog it! Lol

  10. I'm so bummed. We are moving at the end of January so part of my sewing stuff is packed and the rest will be soon, so I don't get to participate.

  11. I have almost literally been living under a rock and haven't checked blogs in like two months! I'm feeling all energised and passionate again, just in time :D


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