Friday, January 31, 2014

The results are in......

I know we sound like a broken record every.single.week but we kind of can't help it!  The designs each week are mind-blowing and awesome and amazing--and I know we use those words too much too!---but they just are!
And it makes voting VERYYYYY close.
So, let's just dive right into the results.

The winner of the refashion challenge this season is......

BeginwithB!  Congratulations Jacq! 
You did an absolutely fantastic job with re-fashioning!
And now to the hard part. 
Unfortunately we are losing a fabulous designer:  Irene from Froo & Boo this week....
It's so hard to say goodbye to such an amazing outfit.  I want that denim jacket NOW, and the story of her sweet dress is so memorable.   A special thanks to Irene for coming on the journey with us.....she deserves some major kudos!  Please send some comment love her way!
And another special thanks to each one of you....who take the time out to comment, vote and support each one of our designer's in what they love to do.  You are all amazing as well!
Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you back on Monday to announce the Sew Along Winner and begin the final week of this season.....

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  1. I am so sorry to see you go Irene! I just love your stuff! Congrats Jacq! Your look was fantastic!

  2. Oh, Irene! I understand the love and memories woven into your look. It is beautiful. I'm so sorry to see my fellow canadian go! Jacq your look was fantastic - well done!!

  3. Congrats Jacq! My faves made the top 2, so either win would have been awesome in my book. Sorry to see Irene go. I just LOVED that jacket and the story behind the dress was so sweet. I can't wait to see everyone's personal style showcased next week. This top 3 is going to be great!

  4. bummer, i love froo and boo! i also love BeginwithB

  5. Congratulations Jacq!! So much talent displayed in your creation....from top to bottom!! Irene - so very stylish....every piece you create. We've loved getting to know you through this competition, and hope that we'll see more of your work popping up through blogland {personally, we think you'd be a great contributor to the Film Petit series....}.

  6. Had the best time participating in Project Run & Play--thanks for the opportunity! Congrats, Jacq!!!

  7. I had the best time designing for Project Run & Play--thanks for the opportunity to share them here with you! Congrats, Jacq!!!

  8. yea! Way to go Jacq!!! And so sorry to see you go Froo and Boo! Everyone was so awesome this season! I can't wait to see this week!


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