Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Time to Vote! Signature Style Week

Frances Suzanne: Modern Heirloom
We are ecstatic to be here with you, sharing our final look: a Modern Heirloom Signature Style! Using Biblical principles, we created an outfit for each girl {and 5 matching accessory pieces - 2 Bible covers, 2 cinch purses, and EA's hair tie} - incorporating values within each garment, all while trying to include as many "signature traits" of our sewing throughout. For CL, we made a "Fruit of the Spirit" dress {Galatians 5:22-23}. What parent wouldn't want their child to possess love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control? CL's outfit remained true to the classy, vintage, timeless, simple designs we love to create. Detailed embroidery was added to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, garment. The main portion of the dress was accented with vintage-style fabric along the sleeve cuffs, collar, and bloomers. A double piped, asymmetrical collar with a decorative "topiary" button was used to draw one's eyes to the garment's focal point: a topiary tree of solid French knots, placed in an embroidered "Fruit of the Spirit" pot. Additional details included a piped lip to the pot and orange "fruity French knots" embroidered within the main topiary. A sweet, accent trim {as seen in her cinch purse handles} lined the placket area along the back to create a cohesive look between garment and accessories. 
EA's "Skirt of Thought" {Philippians 4:8} showcased Biblical characteristics to focus on as well. This outfit embodied more of an "heirloom with an edge..." look. Embroidery and paint were used to create her garment. Blouse details included pops of color in the piping and covered buttons. The skirt was the focal point of the garment, showcasing a reverse painted, THINK, along the bottom edge {designed to mimic reversed JESUS wood carvings}. Cream embroidery was added above and below the painting, as well as within the reversed word, THINK, as referenced through scripture. Orange embroidery was then stitched around the painted area to create more dimension and another design element. Coordinating fabric was used as a skirt tie, lining, and EA's hair tie. All three of EA's accessories connected the entire look together.
While Project Run and Play is designed to challenge and better one's sewing skills, these two verses are also a daily challenge for us! We welcome you to visit us over at Frances Suzanne for more photos, details, Oliver and S pattern modifications / detailing, and self-drafted accessory pieces of our "Modern Heirloom: an Oxymoron of Timeless Simplicity" outfits!

Paisley Roots: A Family Affair
I really can't believe I made it to the final week!! This has been an amazing adventure and I want to thank everyone that has supported, commented and voted for me! It's been a crazy ride and I'm so stoked to have made it to the end.  At the beginning of the season I sat my kids down and asked them if they wanted to participate. All of them were very enthusiastic and wanted me to make them each an outfit. We went through the weeks and each child chose which one they wanted me to make their outfit from. (Although, I obviously chose Judes cause he really doesn't have an opinion at the moment.)   Going through the weeks and thinking of signature week, I finally came to the conclusion that this is a family affair for me. I wouldn't sew nearly as much if my children didn't love it or enjoy wearing the things I make them. Their opinions shape my skills. They push me farther then I ever would on my own and I love to please them. 
Aevarie is pretty easy to please, so I started off with her outfit. 
I drafted the blazer and skirt, then modified the Flashback Skinny Tee, widening the neck, shortening the sleeves and giving it an a-line. I dyed it, then machine and hand-embroidered to make the design on the front (which is inspired by "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss). 
Gavin wanted upcycle week, but due to the fact that Grandma kidnapped him, he wasn't here, so he got bumped to signature week. He is 10 years old and a lot more opinionated on what he wears then my other kids are.  I was able to snag this star knit at a super deal ($2.50 a yard) and Gavin wanted a short sleeve shirt with it. His favorite color is red (I think it's because that's my favorite color) so I used red thread to stitch around some of the stars and used it for the topstitching.
Then I made him a pair of Titchy Threads, Small Fry Jeans. He absolutely loves them. I wanted to make him a jacket too, but he wanted a pirate suit......he even drew me a picture.....

You can see the picture and get all the other details for my signature look on my blog.

beginwith B: Boom
My signature style is multifaceted and honestly a little quirky.
Using mostly knits to create comfortable clothes for my boys who just want to run and play.
Recently a good friend asked Mae, who is 4, if he was aware that not all moms make custom clothes for their kids. The look of confusion that crossed his face made it apparent that this is not just my style- its often a collaboration.  I love the ability to incorporate their ideas into my designs, to create things they are asking to wear.
For this look I started with Case, my middle boy. He wanted a "super-backpack"- something to carry his magic ice-cream cone to defeat the villains. After looking at an old backpack, I cut apart a canvas jacket and added a thrifted pink zipper to create a mini super pack. Then added a cargo pocket with snaps for extra storage. He specifically asked for blue pants and wanted a candy pocket on the front- a teeny welt pocket just big enough for a handful of skittles. The back got a zip pocket and on the inside an adjustable waistband.  The flannel was my challenge for this week. Knits are my go-to but wanted to try drafting/sewing with a woven. I redrafted the top to include the snap placket and hood then added a side zip to allow easy dressing. For the tee underneath I wanted to stay neutral in color but needed to add some interest. I flat locked the seams for a pop of color and then used a rib knit printed with helicopters.  Mae was next- my child who is perpetually cold. He has been asking for a scarf all winter but I couldn't figure out a way to make it practical and masculine. Enter this cozy fleece with a subtle print and I created a snap cowl: a collar for the jacket or an accessory for anytime. As soon as I put it on him he asked if he could wear it the rest of the day. Hoping to mimic a poncho I drafted an oversized jacket, adding arm holes to allow for movement. I wanted a vertical stripe but could only find this grey sweatshirt knit in my stash. So I pulled out a grey knit tee and cut one inch strips which I folded, ironed, and sewed in place to create the pinstripes. The top, also a sweatshirt fleece, got a bias stripe across the front in his favorite color and a green zip pocket. I used a freezer paper stencil to add the elephants marching. For the pants, also a pinstripe, I redrafted the waist to include both a traditional and knit waistband. This gives the finished look of ready-to-wear pants but allows ease of self-dressing for my boy.
Come on over to BEGINwithB for more about the process, fabrics used, and of course more pictures.

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  1. Very interesting that everyone had looks for two models!

  2. Okay, are you kidding me? When I saw what Frances Suzanne did, I was like: I'm going to vote for this one, then I saw the family affair and thought "Or that? It's great, too!" And then those cool boyish clothes from Begin with B. I have no idea for whom I should vote! You all did an incredible job!!!

  3. Lovely job! I like something from all three- the handstitched verses on 1, the colors 2, and the little elephants on 3!

  4. Talk about three very different looks. You all did great. Congrats to making it to the finale!!!

  5. Loving all the fun boy looks! Congratulations to everyone on making it to the finale!

  6. Congrats to all 3 of you for making it to the finals. What an accomplishment!

  7. YAY! I just adore that girls blazer and the whole color scheme. &I'm definitely liking the cool boys sweatshirt with piping and zip pocket. Some great pieces this week!!


  8. Goodness....we are so honored to share our signature style with you all!!! It's been some sort of journey....

  9. wow... Congrats to all of you for making it into the final week. Now I am having some trouble to vote here. I usually am pretty quick on deciding what my fave is, but I just keep going to the three of them this time. My guess? You all will be soooooooooooo close this time.

  10. everyone was a rock star this season! Congrats!

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