Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flashback May: Fashion Icon Challenge with Nicole from Cole's Corner and Creations

Hello Project Run and Play fans! Nicole here from Cole's Corner and Creations. I'm so excited to be back here at PR&P for Flashback May! When choosing my theme, I was immediately drawn to Fashion Icon... thoughts of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, and Barbie running thru my head. But in preparing for the challenge, I realized that I needed a fashion icon more suited to little girls. That's when Ella said, "I like the way Katy Perry dresses!" Yes, of course! What little girl wouldn't love how Katy Perry dresses? So fun, so flirty, so colorful... full of candy and whimsy, the clothes little girls' dreams are made of. So, we Googled Katy Perry and found this image.
So, our fashion icon challenge was born!
I made the dress using an upcycled pink t-shirt and some other soft knits!
Of course, the pockets are Ella's favorite part. Styled with a big bow in her hair, it's little girl enough for me and stylish enough for a little girl going on 17.
She really, really loves this dress. It makes her feel fun and stylish, just like Katy Perry.
I love that it's made from soft knit that can be washed and wore without ironing and that she is comfortable playing in it.
If you love this dress as much as we do, look for it soon in my shop. Thank you so much for having me guys! It's been a blast!

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