Monday, May 12, 2014

Flashback May: It's all in the details Challenge with Maria from La Inglesita

Hi PR&P readers, I´m María from la Inglesita all the way from Spain.
I had the pleasure to be on Season 6 and though it was challenging, I would go for it again a million times (or maybe just one more time, ehem). There was a before and a after PR&P, and for the better!!. 

When I was invited to Flashback May I picked one of my favourite themes: DETAILS. I like taking my time pressing and finishing seams and I love hand stitching. Unfortunately I usually don´t have the time to do it, and certainly I didn´t during PR&P, but today I have something to which I dedicated extra care and time to. It´s an outfit for a special baby to celebrate that she was born, because we didn´t think she would make it. She did in the end.
She will continue to be special, as she sees the world through her hands mostly. What this baby touches is extra important for her, so I chose the softest of fabrics, Liberty lawn, enclosed all seams that could be in touch with her delicate skin and hand stitch hems. As I was sewing I was thinking that she would be feeling each stitch or knot in the thread.
The culottes are shirred with elastic thread to avoid red marks on chubby legs. I drafted them to be comfy and easy to pull on. The blouse buttons are flat so that baby can rest on her back quietly. There are no messy seams inside, everything look as neat as on the outside outside
She´s been born to a family of talented ladies that can knit, sew, embroider and all the arts, so I´m giving them the softest cotton yarn to keep grandmum busy knitting her a special, very special cardigan.
Thank you Elisabeth and Liz

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  1. What a special and beautiful outfit.

  2. Maria es una maravilla, que delicadeza! I knew your blog because of the run and play project, i follow your sewing since that momento. Un gran beso desde Andalucia.

  3. I AGREE WITH TARA, "a special and beautiful outfit" for BABY! The Liberty Lawn 100% fine cotton is the BEST, soft and ever-so-pretty in the tiny blue flowers & hearts with tiny red berries on a white background. Attention to details was your focus on this Flashback May Challenge: use of elastic thread on culotte leg openings, flat buttons up the back closing, hand-stitched interior seams and hems. THANKS for sharing a truly BEAUTIFUL baby outfit, BRAVO to your sewing talents, Maria! Sarah in Minneapolis

  4. That is such a beautiful outfit for such a special girl. The yarn is the cherry on the cake.

  5. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your reasons behind all the details you included! This outfit will be cherished forever, I know :)

  6. Such a lovely outfit and such a lovely story, María! Lots of love from Barcelona.


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