Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flashback May: Adult Inspired Challenge with Leisel from Brown Paper Packages

Hello, Project Run and Play fans!  So excited to be here.  My name is Leisel and I blog (very occasionally) at Brown Paper Packages.  I was part of the season which included the darling ladies at Simple Simon and Co.  (How do you compete with THAT?!?!)  And I am so excited to be back for the day!

The project I wanted to share with you is based on the theme 'Adult Inspired'.  When my second daughter was getting ready to be baptized, I knew I wanted to create a special dress for her big day.  I tend to fight against anything too traditional, so I went with a color other than white (I am such a rebel, I know!).  And I had the perfect concept in mind.  I had pinned a women's dress on my Pinterest page that I loved (and have since managed to lose!) and wanted to turn it into a girl's dress.

A simple wrap dress, with slightly puffed sleeves, a ruffle collar and a big bow on the side.
And I must have had some heavenly help along the way, because this dress turned out exactly how I envisioned it the very first time I sewed it up and it fit like a glove!  (This doesn't happen very often for me.)
Thanks for letting me visit! Happy sewing, Leisel

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  1. Love at first sight! Very nice!

  2. That is such great dress! Beautifully done!

  3. Ohh, that is darling! I want to straight-up copy it... if only I had the time!

  4. So beautiful! I just love it and it really looks great on your daughter! It is absolutely stunning. Every detail is perfect.

  5. That is darling!! How wonderful that it turned out and fit so well the first time!

  6. I agree with Natalie, a darling dress you've sewn for your daughter! LOVE the purple color fabric for this dress featuring a V-neck ruffle, wide wrap bow sash at the side and white piping, all in all "darling." Your girl certainly was HAPPY wearing this for her special occasion as lots of Mom's love sewn into it. Sarah in Minneapolis


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