Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why Skirting the Issue?

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Over three years ago Elizabeth had a conversation one afternoon on the phone that I will never forget. We were talking about how much we were loving working on the blog, how much we loved sewing, and how many things we wanted to make and share....but we felt like we were supposed to be doing something else...and that something else involved using our blog to do good.
More conversations were to follow and Skirting the Issue was born. It took us time to plan what we wanted to do and who we wanted it to benefit....but the night we landed on skirts for foster care girls we knew it was the perfect fit for us and we have never looked back.
Over the past 2 years more than a thousand items have been made and donated to local foster care closets during our Skirting the Issue Event. That is something Elizabeth and I could NEVER do alone. We need you and we appreciate you sewing along with us. I've been with foster system girls as they have gone through donation bins looking for clothes. It's not like going to the mall..... And I love the idea of girls now, instead of finding hand me downs or factory seconds, finding something new and soft and feminine and made just for them.
I have a special place in my heart for foster care kids (That I wrote about here: Why I hang Fruit Snacks on my Bedroom Wall.) and so does Elizabeth who has her own story. But we can't care for all of much as we would like to...but we can do something. We can make a small difference to one girl at a time, with all of your help.
Between what we have in the linky party, what has been actually delivered to us, and the photos we have gotten from emails we are well over 300 skirts so far this year.
And even though our skirt tutorials will end this month you still have until August 15 to make and donate skirts for Skirting the Issue to still be eligible for one of our giveaway prizes (that we will talk more about tomorrow). It would be terrific to have over 500 hundred skirts again this year.
Thank you again to everyone who has and is sewing along with us. Your participation means a lot to us.

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  1. Such an amazing thing you are doing! Keep up the wonderful work.

  2. It is such a nice feeling to use our sewing talents for good!

  3. Okay... that post brought tears to my eyes. I just retired from teaching and I know how much we think of our students as "our kids." My principal would always assign the ADD students to me as "you have so much patience with them, and you help them learn strategies to live with ADD." Thanks for making me a part of Skirting the Issue.
    Deborah Devine

  4. I love it so much ladies! I definitely have some to add to the link up! :)


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