Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Calendar of Upcoming Events

Hello Everyone!
With a new season of Project Run and Play about to begin we thought it would be a great idea to calendar out our upcoming events.
Here's what's going on:
*Tomorrow:  A recap and final numbers from Skirting the Issue this year as well as the winners from the drawing.
*Monday, August 25th:  We will be announcing the weekly themes from Season 10
*Monday, September 1:  We will begin with our traditional "Meet the Designer" posts to introduce you to the contestants for Season 10
*Monday, September, 8th:  The official beginning date of Project Run and Play Season 10
Getting soooo excited for these next few weeks!!!

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  1. Last week you said the themes would be announced this Monday-you guys are keeping us in suspense! ;)

  2. I see you guys are enjoying torturing us! LOL I am DYING to know what they are!!!


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