Friday, September 26, 2014

The results are in....

Can you believe that we are half-way done with this Season of Project Run and Play?  Time flies when you are having fun (designers, hopefully it hasn't been too stressful!!!).  We have LOVED this theme and the designers...well, did an outstanding job on taking some well-worn clothes and turning them into new, bright and amazing outfits!!!
Let's get down to why we are here today--the results.
This week our winner is.....

Nele with her autumn upcycling look!  So fantastic!  Congrats Nele!!!!
and sadly we are loosing....
 our dear friend Marte of Compagnie M. I think we have the hardest time saying goodbye because each designer this season is so amazing in her own way.  All of the outfits are sewn so beautifully and are so unique and so great.  Marte, we all think you are so, so talented....
But the good news is that Marte is not leaving us this week empty-handed....she will be receiving a $25 dollar gift certificate to

Thank you!!!
We'll see you back here for Week #3 and the Sew-Along winner on Monday.

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  1. Congratulations Nele! Can't wait to see next weeks denim designs:) Blessed weekend!

  2. Thanks for asking me to be part of this season! It's been a great experience. M

  3. Congrats to Nele! And sorry to see Marte go...

  4. I think we should extend the season...give us a few more weeks to play along!! Congrats to Nele, it was beautiful!

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    1. These creations are all so amazing & creative. I'm loving this season.

  6. Oh no! Very sad to see Marte go :-( Well done Nele, I want that cape :-)

  7. ohhhh the suspense! you guys are amazing! <3


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