Monday, January 11, 2016

Project Run and Play Season 11 Themes

It's time to announce the themes for Season 11 so that you all have time to brainstorm 
and start sewing!!!

So here they are:

Week One: (Feb. 1)  

Nothing But Knit:  For the first challenge you need to design a look where the the majority of your look is created using knits!

Week Two:  (Feb. 8)  

Cos Play Challenge:  Since Cos Play is all the rage we thought it would be fun to have an entire challenge devoted to it!  So for this challenge create and outfit INSPIRED by by the cos play craze. (But not a costume!)

Week Three:  (Feb. 15)  
All that Glitters:  Metallics, glitter, sparkles, jewels...incorporate any (or all of these) into a look of your choice.

Week Four:  (Feb. 22)  
Signature Style:  Create a look that will showcase your signature sewing style.

So there you have it!
We can't wait to see what everyone creates!

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  1. ACK!!!! I am so in love with this season already!!!!

  2. Freaking out right now... in a good way...

  3. Yay! I love the themes! I can't wait!

  4. This is the PR&P that I love!!!!

  5. These are so great! Time to start brainstorming!

  6. So excited!! PR&P is the best kids sewing event e.v.e.r! Always so much fun, so much talent, so much inspiration, so many amazing new blogs to follow... <3 <3

  7. It's so good to have PR&P back again! This is exciting.

  8. This season will be awesome! Can't wait to see what everyone creates!


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