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Time to Vote--Nothing But Knit Challenge!

Today is voting day and we are so excited for this new season of Project Run and Play! Please be sure to share with all your friends that we are back and this is going to be a great year!

Remember to scroll through to see and read about all six contestants' looks and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the post.  The voting is a little different this season---50% comes from your votes and 50% of their total scores come from how they rank each other (not including their own look) so make sure you vote.....they need you!  It is one vote per computer/IP address....and good luck to all of our designers...we love them so!!!!

Sewing Mama RaeAnna--Once Upon a Dream

PRP week 1 Aurora
Working with knit is one of my guilty pleasures. No fraying, comfortable weight, and forgiving in sizing! There's always the occasional annoying raw edge that likes to curl too much, but I do prefer to work with knit over wovens for our wardrobe! I loved seeing the challenge prompt and quickly got to work in my sketchbook to create some ideas of the outfit for week 1! My inspiration for what I came up with is Disney and Princess Aurora! 4 years ago when I started my blog I could have only DREAMED that I would be selected to participate in a Project Run & Play season! I'm so excited to be here and share my Disney inspired looks! PRP week 1 Aurora
 PRP week 1 Aurora
The patterns I modified were:
  1. Go-To Leggings
  2. Sew Like My Mom Snapdragon Dress
  3. See Kate Sew Explorer Hoodiez
I did a little modification on all the patterns, but the biggest change I made was to the Explorer Hoodie. I omitted the front zipper and instead of a kangaroo pocket on the front, I created side seam pockets! I needed to have room on the hoodie for my applique and embroidery obsession. (I live in the south. We go by the motto of "must.monogram.all.the.things.") If you'd like the cut files for free, or see an easy tutorial on how to add seam pockets, come check out my blog post for details and more pictures! (Oh, and as an added bonus, I also included a picture of my mishap - I actually pricked my finger while sewing the leggings! If that doesn't make for a good story of an inspired Sleeping Beauty outfit, I don't know what does!? LOL!)

Sweeter Than Cupcakes - Athleisure: Blurring the Lines
Athleisure apparel is the new business casual of 2016. The trend blurs the lines between athletic wear and your daily wardrobe. For a sewing challenge that is all about knits, applying this style to kids seemed to be the perfect fit. I created a look that could easily transition from soccer practice to a movie date with Daddy. The cardigan is the key accessory that takes the look from just function to trendy fashion. Using a pattern from a Japanese sewing book, I lengthened and slimmed the design slightly for the fit I was looking for. Because I love the look of quilted sweatshirt fabric, I incorporated quilted details for the oversized collar and pockets.
The knit pieces underneath are all about function, but they still have plenty of style. Swap the boots for tennis shoes, and she's off and running. The colors of gray, navy, coral, and aqua keep it fresh without being overly sporty. For the top, I started with the Cecille Peplum by Lilygiggle. I omitted the overskirt, redrafted the sleeve to be fitted instead of bishop style, and had some fun with color blocking. The curved lines come together for a nice, sleek look. For the leggings, I used the basic Dressage Leggings by Jennuine Design. I split the pattern just to the outside of the knee to include a strip of faux piping. 
I hope you will stop by Sweeter Than Cupcakes for a closer look!

Naeh--Connection--Let's Go Fishing
  Project Run and Play, Season 11, Week1: Let's go Fishing (header) by Nรคh-Connection
Nothing but knit is basically the perfect theme for me. 90% of my sewing is knit, so I loved that theme right away. I chose to sew for both of my kids. I didn't want them to be too matchy-matchy, but still chose to work with the same color scheme: blue/white with a pop of pink and mint. My daughter's dress is inspired by a dress that I saw some time ago. I'm a real sucker for boatnecks and I love how the pleats (instead of the gathers that are commonly used in knit dresses) give it a bit more polished look. I started of with the Beachy Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns, cut it at the waist and added a self-drafted skirt with nice big pockets and those cute pleats. To finish her look and to make it winter appropriate I sewed a color-blocked cardigan out of 3 different sweater knits with drop-down shoulders based on the New York Sweater pattern by Rapantinchen. I cut off some length of the sweater, drafted the front pieces and finished the edges with a facing that goes all around the cardigan (neckline, front and hem). I edgestitched the facing in place in place, changing thread color according to the color of the respective part of the cardigan (pink front, blue back) to get a clean look. I was planning to add a blue button to the front, but my daughter had a very strong opinion about it: „If you add a button, I will never wear it“, so no button it was. Project Run and Play, Season 11, Week1: Let's go Fishing (collage 1) by Nรคh-Connection
 My son's outfit consists of three pieces to achieve a fun layered look. For his sweater and pants I altered an Ottobre (4/2015) pattern to include two separate front panels with pockets. I used a blue/white striped interlock to create a chevron effect at the front panels. The pants have an elasticized waist, so the drawstring isn't really necessary to keep them in place, but adds some cuteness. I used two square pieces of SnapPap under the grommets to stabilize the knit and on the knee patches. The button-up is a gingham that is often used in German clothing. I used the Prepster Pullover from Blank Slate Patterns for the shirt: I added a chest welt-pocket, a collar and changed the sleeve placket. I love how the details make it unique and different. The last piece is a Polo Shirt. I used the Hemlock Top by E&E Patterns and added the button placket and collar and divided the front and back pattern pieces into four pieces (white, blue, mint, blue) by cutting them diagonally with varying angles. The last detail of the Polo Shirt is a pink octopus-applique that adds that little bit of fun. The octopus has a "3" as my son's  look was also his birthday outfit last week. I've made it a tradition to sew my kids birthday shirts and love that this one here isn't too obvious. For more photos and details, please head over to my blog and leave me a (nice) comment.

Sew Like My Mom--Little Boxes
Sew Like My Mom | Little Boxes
 When I saw the theme this week was Nothing but Knit, I immediately knew I wanted to do a simple little dress with some fun embroidery. So I drafted this basic a-line with a back button placket and side seam pockets and got to sewing! I'm on an aqua kick these days and when I saw this ponte in the store it was calling my name. The math on the embroidery was pretty easy, but the sewing of the embroidery took me several days. I just LOVE how it all came together! I drafted and made her little striped socks, too, and they added the perfect graphic touch to our outfit.
  Sew Like My Mom | Little Boxes
 Ella loves the song "Little Boxes" and asked me how many boxes I was going to sew on the front, so really, she named her dress! She's coming up with every excuse under the sun to wear it and it has already made several trips to the grocery store and the playground. I can't wait for it to warm enough for her to wear it more, and I can't wait to do more large graphic embroidery!
  Sew Like My Mom | Little Boxes

Glitter + Wit--Winter Brights
Winter Brights by Glitter+Wit

The Story: My 'Nothing but Knit' look is inspired by that strange time between seasons. Is it still Winter? Is Spring here already? Is 'Sprinter' a season? Our Missouri winter has been incredibly mild this year--I took these photos on a sixty degree day! Even so, it is not quite time to pack up the cold-weather wardrobe. This week, I bring you an eclectic outfit highlighting the best of both seasons: Winter Brights. I've sewn some cozy closet staples and "Springed" them up by pairing them with bright colors, a floral print, and yes--even sandals! I committed myself to strict adherence to the theme; the only thing that doesn't stretch is the thread!

  Winter Brights 2

The Sewing: I chose to create two main garments and two accessories. I suppose I shall start at the top and work my way down. The reversible eared hat (my own pattern) features a cream-colored knit faux-fur and a contrast textured nylon/lycra reverse, finished with gold ties at the chin. Next is the relaxed-fit sweater. I modified the Rowan Tee pattern (Titchy Threads) to include a turtle neck (tutorial via Petit a Petit and Family), a slight drop in the shoulder, and cuffed three quarter length sleeves. I also sized up for a more relaxed fit, and to accommodate the stretch of the sweater knit fabric. My favorite part of the sweater can't even be seen when worn--I finished all seams by enclosing them in matching fold-over elastic. The jumper is the Mont Blanc pattern (Sew What Club), modified to eliminate the separate waistband, and to include an interesting hemline. The high-low hem has a slit in the center back, creating a coattail-ish effect. I lined the floral scuba knit completely with a neon nylon/lycra activewear fabric, and fashioned knit fabrics into tassels to add interest to the bodice. No changes were made to the tights pattern (Abby's Footed Tights by The Wolf and the Tree), except to match my daughter's measurements. I used the same textured fabric to add balance to the outfit as a whole (and they are nice and warm, too). Last, the look is complete with the addition of neon jelly sandals. Why? Because if anyone can pull off a sock+sandal look, it's this kid! To see and read more, visit my blog.

Winter Brights 3

The Inspired Wren--Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect by The Inspired Wren for Project Run & Play, Season 11 Week 1: Knits!

Yay knits! My daughter, The Peanut, lives in them. I sewed with them for years before I even owned a serger. I couldn't wait to get sewing for this challenge! This seemingly simple A-line is sporty yet feminine, sophisticated yet youthful, and a dress with a lot of attention to details. Let's break them down. I drafted the dress off a slim-fit knit tee-shirt block that was already adjusted to size 5 wide by 6-7 long. The bodice features a contrast back yoke with the shoulder seam shifted off the top of the shoulder forward to the collarbone -- bringing a touch of that plum color to the front. The fully lined dress has an under-stitched neckline and includes a hoodie made from a fine sweater knit. The hood is constructed with a french-seam sewn down with a stretch stitch; it's a faux flat-felled center seam. The delicate sweater knit is repeated in the extended sleeve cuffs. The bottom finish is a reverse hem, sewn with a visible stretch stitch, creating a band of contrast from the lining fabric.

Plum Perfect by The Inspired Wren for Project Run & Play, Season 11 Week 1: Knits!

The outfit is kept playful with a pair striped footless tights. The tights began as GoTo Leggings drafted size 4 wide by 6 long then cut and sewn to be extra slim. My model insists on shorts under dresses, so I appeased her comfort by color-blocking the legs with the solid plum from waist to thigh, and stripes down the remainder of the leg. Ta da! Built in "shorts."

Plum Perfect by The Inspired Wren for Project Run & Play, Season 11 Week 1: Knits!

Come see and learn more about this Plum Perfect outfit at The Inspired Wren: including the fabric (that variegated floral is a sheer over the solid lining and the delicate sweater knit wouldn't stop running); the finishing on the innards; and the outtakes of a certain uncooperative model, too.

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