Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adding Trim to Garments Tutorial by Elegance & Elephants

Hello! My name is Heidi and I blog over at Elegance & Elephants. It's wonderful to be a guest here today and share a tutorial for making your garments extra special and unique.

Adding trim is a very easy way to personalize a garment and make it completely your own.  There are many types of trim, but the ones I will be using in this tutorial are piping and crocheted pom poms.

Lined sleeves and/or flounces are a perfect place to add trim, so I will be attaching my crocheted pom poms to the flounce of the Mori Dress.  This technique will work on any lined sleeve (flutter or cap sleeves look great with trim) or flounces.

1.  Measure your trim to determine how much of it you want to show on the right side of your garment.  Since I want only the pompoms to show, I will need to place my trim 0.25" (or 0.3cm) from the raw edge of the flounce (because of the 3/8"/1cm seam allowance).

2.  Pin the trim to the right side of the flounce.  As you can see, mine is placed 0.25" (or 0.3cm) from the raw edge.  Baste trim in place.

3.  Place the other flounce piece, right sides together.  Pin and stitch.

4.  Turn right sides out, and press.

5.  Repeat steps 1-4 with opposite flounce and continue with the rest of your garment.

Princess seams are also the perfect place to add some trim.  Here is how I added piping to the princess seams of the Mori Dress (omitting the flounces).  The steps are basically identical to the instructions above.

1.  Pin piping to centre front and back pieces.  Baste in place.  You may find it helpful to use a zipper foot.

2.  Pin side front and back pieces, right sides together.  Stitch.

 3.  Press and follow the remaining steps to complete your garment.

Here are the results of personalizing with trim.  As you can see, the added detail makes these garments truly one-of-a-kind!

Thank you so much to Project Run and Play for having me here today.  It's been a pleasure to share with you!
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  1. I've shared them also on Pinterest and Facebook. Just brilliant colors and the style is very up to date. Hope you will find here a lot of other ideas for your models. There is a section "Fashion" there. I check it every week.
    Trisha (fashion woman and mom of two)


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