Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bias Tape Tutorial by Winter Wear Designs

EEEEEEEEEKKKKK - I am so excited to be back here today at Project Run&Play!!!!  It's Suzanne from Season 6, and these days you can find me blogging at Pattern Revolution and designing patterns at Winter Wear Designs.

Ok - so today I want to talk to you about my favorite sewing item - BIAS TAPE!!!!  I use it all the time.  If you follow my patterns, you will know that almost all of them include bias tape somewhere in the construction.  It is quite possibly the best sewing item ever.  There are five main areas that I use bias tape: neck lines, hems, pockets, seams, and straps.

But first, you need to know how to make bias tape.  You can buy it.... but that stuff isn't so great, it tends to be crunchy, comes in a limited number of colors and designs, and can be difficult to find the exact width that you want.  There are a gazillion tutorials for cutting bias tape and debates between continuous and pieced.  I tend to do pieced bias tape since I don't often need more than a yard or two.  So google, find the tutorial you love and cut your strips.

Now comes the fun part - pressing!!!!!!!!!!!  I just want you all to know that you can make bias tape without any special tools.  All you need is an iron and your fingers - just don't touch the two, cause that hurts!

Lay out your strip on your ironing board.  Fold the edges in towards the center and press.  Keep your fingers running at least 2-3 inches in front of your iron and work along the length of tape.

By pressing the edges in towards the middle, you have created SINGLE FOLD bias tape.  Single fold bias tape  is perfect for hems or to cover an exposed seam at a collar.  It can also be used decoratively in a number of ways.

Now I probably use double fold tape the most.  To make double fold bias, take your single fold tape and fold it in half along the length and press well.

I love using double fold bias tape to encase seams, to bind facings, to hem skirts or sleeves where I want a pretty edge or a contrasting pop, to finish the top of a decorative pocket, and so on.

So what am I going to use this pretty bias tape I have just made on???  Well a new pattern of course.  I thought it appropriate to show off this pattern for the first time here at PR&P becasue this pattern was first created while I was sewing for season 6, but the timing never came together for me to draft it out for real until now.  The sleeves and neck are both bound in double fold bias tape for a delicious finish.

From my bitty - 'Mo Squish Le'

To my beautiful big girl.

So get that iron out.... whip up some bias tape, and watch the professional finishing on your garments come to life.
Thank you so much Suzanne! You can follow Winter Wear Designs on Facebook and Instagram and on Pinterest!

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