Monday, June 27, 2016

Celina of Petit a Petit and Family's Favorite Theme

Ajaire from Call Ajaire shared her favorite theme on Friday and she tagged Celina of Petit a Petit and Family to share the look from her favorite theme.  Take it away, Celina!

Hi! Celina here from Petit a Petit and Family. I cannot believe I took part in Project Run and Play over two years ago, it feels like a lifetime ago. I think I made some of my all time favourite outfits during the competition. I’ve since then created some patterns for the top I created in my Signature look ( and the swimsuit in my California Dreaming ( look. You can find these pattern in my shop ( if you like. 

Having to choose my favourite look was really hard! I ended up choosing the fabric challenge since it was your favourite too. I had so much fun with this challenge, creating and modifying fabric is just something I love to play with and experiment. What I love the most about sewing for my kids, is that I can create whatever I want, however I envision and imagine it. I love to create special items that can't be found in stores, things that are unique but still wearable and comfortable. In creating your own fabric or patterns you can achieve that even more and make some truly one of kind pieces. So the first thing I did for the dress was to blow up a photo and had it printed on some cotton over at Spoonflower- a first for me. This photo holds a special place in my heart, first it's a picture of my kids taken 4 years ago on a summer vacation in one of our favorite spots. Also, it's has been my blog banner for 5 years now. It brings back so many happy memories and I cannot believe how fast these kids grow.  The top part of the dress was dip dyed to mimic the sky. I am feeling a little emotional, I cant believe my daughter outgrew the dress, we were both really sad about it. I am still thinking of having it framed. Next I made a few accessories. I created a star stamp with a cookie cutter and a potato, I have a tutorial for this here: I added 2 large neon orange pompom to match with the dress and also dip dyed some tights with some aqua and blue dye to complete the outfit.  

Finally, I created a denim jacket. I self drafted this pattern from scratch. I wanted something a little urban, a little different, something a bit utilitarian yet fun. I had an idea of the collar also being a hood. Once I created the pattern, I cut out my fabric and had that soak in some bleach and water mix for most of the day. I folded and rolled the pieces so the bleaching would come out uneven and textured without looking like bad acid wash. You can see the original color of the denim in the belt and facing- it was super thick and super dark. I really need to do this again. I think that in the twenty five years I have been sewing, this jacket is probably the item I am most prude of and liked the most, even if it broke my sewing machine! 
I learnt so much about myself during this competition, I love to work under pressure and push myself but I have to say that being on the bottom is emotionally hard! I am really proud of all I accomplished. It’s been really nice looking back at all that I made and I am so grateful for all the new friends I made. Wishing everyone a great summer and happy sewing! See you all around the web! 
And now I would love to tag Melissa of Melly Sews! 
Thanks Celina!  If you're playing along with us this month, be sure to link up your creations to the sew along.  (You can find it using the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Amazingly creative design as always! So good.

  2. Amazingly creative design as always! So good.

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