Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Melissa from Melly Sews Favorite Challenge

 Yesterday, Celina of Petit a petit and family tagged Melissa of Melly Sews!

Looking back, PR&P feels like a million years ago and also no time at all. It feels like no time ago at all when I look at the pictures of my kids and their friends for that time period. My favorite look, the dress I did for Earth Day, was my favorite because it was a pleasant surprise third design (after I had already executed then declared this outfit and then this one not up to par)  I did a tutorial for it here: http://mellysews.com/2012/05/smocking-tutorial.html

But it also feels like a million years ago because of how much has happened since then. When I competed in PR&P I was still working full time as a teacher, but the summer after the contest was when I quit my teaching job to go all in on my blog and launch Blank Slate Patterns, a year after that I got an out of the blue email from McCall's about publishing some of my patterns for Joann Stores, and then a year after that I met the lady who introduced me to my book publisher and spent the summer working on the book proposal for Sundressing, which just got published this June. So much has happened in not a long time, but all those events have added up to a life that I wouldn't have even dreamed of during PR&P, and for that I am so, so thankful. 

I'm going to tag a lady who has also become my dear friend since then, Jen of iCandy Handmade. 

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