Friday, June 17, 2016

Courtney from Sweeter than Cupcakes favorite Challenge

Hearing from some of the original Project Run & Play contestants during this little game of tag has made me even more grateful to be one of the most recent contestants. I selected my Nothing But Knit look for my favorite theme although it was hard to narrow it down! The athleisure trend resonated with me for its comfort combined with style. I love spotting fashion details and incorporating them into my looks. This was also the first challenge of my season, and the votes proved to me that I was a worthy opponent when I had been really second guessing myself. I walked away from the competition with a renewed confidence in my sewing style and ability, along with the knowledge that I could stretch myself into a bit of pattern drafting. In fact, the shorts pattern I created during the competition became part of the Modkid Susie pattern. I am still sewing and blogging at every opportunity!

I’m tagging my fellow competitor and now friend Annika from across the globe.
If you haven't already, go to the link up (see the tab at the top right of the menu bar) and add the clothes for playing you've sewn for your child!

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