Monday, June 13, 2016

Delia from Delia Creates Favorite Challenge

Yesterday Katy from No Big Dill shared her favorite challenge from Project Run & Play and she tagged Delia of Delia Creates to share her favorite next.  Here's Delia with the baby who stole our hearts...

Project Run and Play holds such special memories for me. It was a pivotal time for me creatively and is responsible for so much of my sewing growth.. It pushed me to finally commit to learn how to sew clothes for my kids. It was full of sewing firsts for me. My first pair of non-pajama pants, my first jacket, my first non-peasant style dress...Each weekly challenge, wasn't just a design challenge for me. I was basically learning how to sew something new each week. I remember sewing LOTS of muslins and being deliriously tired by the finale. Happy and creatively stuffed, but totally beat. 
The style icon challenge is my favorite challenge from my season, not because I won that week, because I didn't, but because it was during that challenge that I sewed my first pair of leather baby shoes. Since that time, I have created my own leather baby shoe pattern and I have plans to release more. It has become hands down my favorite thing to sew, and I would probably would have never had the gumption to try it, if it wasn't for PR&P. 
I would like to tag Ari from Max California because I loved following her during her season. She has such a bold, innovative style that inspires me. 
If you haven't already, go to the link up (see the tab at the top right of the menu bar) and add the clothes for playing you've sewn for your child!

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