Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ari from Max California's Favorite Challenge


Playing project run & play (and then winning it???) was such a huge, huge achievement for me. It brought me closer to many bloggers I had idolised for a few years and really helped me focus on what sort of sewing i actually enjoyed: my signature style! the last week was the only week i was actually sure of, that I knew what i wanted to sew and what i wanted to do. my signature style has always been inspired by my muse - my son Vincent. these days my style has changed slightly, but at its core its still bold and unique.

i haven't really done many things blog-wise since project run & play - although i did start a sewing series with my bestie kat of Sew Chibi called Sew Geeky and I review patterns for Pattern Revolution (i competed with and made good friends with the co-founder of PR - Suzanne Winter - during our season of PRP!). Mostly I'm just really enjoying my children. There's plenty of time to do fabulous blog things (which i do have plans for -wink wink-) when Eddie gets to school so for now I just sew when i need to, or when i want to, and learn as much as I can. I love PRP so much for the amazing time I had during the competition and the friendships and connections that I made as well! I never in a million years thought i would ever be good enough, that i'd ever get noticed (i still feel like that, honestly) so it was a really, really amazing experience!

 I tag Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House!
If you haven't already, go to the link up (see the tab at the top right of the menu bar) and add the clothes for playing you've sewn for your child!

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