Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House Favorite Challenge

While pondering my "Signature style" for this week's challenge, I was busy covering buttons with fabric and sewing up my own piping.  It suddenly dawned on me that my signature style is all about the extra details that create a classic, refined, and timeless piece of clothing.  I want my children to have clothing that will stand the test of time (both style-wise and durability), but I also love making clothes that stand out and make people say "Wow".  This week was no exception.  I lovingly hand embroidered the entire front of Ainsley's tunic.  Yes, I HAND EMBROIDERED every little detail, down to the tiny rosettes.  It took over 20 hours of work, but it was worth every second.

Like I previously mentioned, I hand embroidered her tunic top with ivy leaves, rosettes, flowers, and medallions. It was incredibly time consuming, but I am so happy with the results.  There are always more pictures up on my blog if you want to go see the details!  The tunic also features a peter pan collar (I definitely love peter pan collars!) with handmade olive green piping to accent the borders and olive green fabric covered buttons that go down the entire back of the shirt.  The adorable bubble-style shorts are made out of green {faux} linen and have gathered pockets, a wide placket and large buttons on the waistband.  Using a thrift store sweater, I also created rib knit leggings for Ainsley to wear under her shorts during the colder weather (it was WAY too warm for us to wear them during this photo shoot, but I got a few shots of her in them over at my blog).  Finally, I always like to accessorize, so I made her a sweet bow headband out of coordinating orange {faux} linen.  I would even dare to say that my style has a bit of a French influence???  Thanks so much for the past 6 weeks.  I have had a blast!  Go check out Welcome to the Mouse House for more pictures!
I tag Jenn from A Jennuine Life!

If you haven't already, go to the link up (see the tab at the top right of the menu bar) and add the clothes for playing you've sewn for your child!

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