Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Louise from I'm Feeling Crafty's Favorite Challenge

Yesterday Karly from Paisley Roots tagged Louise from I'm Feeling Crafty to share her favorite challenge from her season of Project Run & Play.  She's here with a super duper cute favorite.


It's so fun to be back and playing tag with the other Project Run and Play contestants! I love seeing everyone's favorites! I decided to choose the wolf outfit I did for my season of Project Run and Play mostly becuase it was my only real week in the competition! Even though I did only last one week, it drove me to be more creative and really strive to make a well made outfit!
Coat-PRP-WW-ImFeelinCrafty copy

The jeans and the t-shirt were worn for as long as they fit. The coat got handed down to a little neighbor friend and I loved seeing it be adored by another kiddo again! As for me, I'm still sewing ALL the time. But I've moved into quilting more than sewing for the kiddo and I just realized I missed sewing for him! He's requested a few things so I hope to get them in the sewing machine real soon. As for blogging, well, I've been slacking some... Hoping to get more regular again on that soon! Hope to see you there! 
I tag Shannon Clark from Little Kids Grow! She's an awesome lady! 
Are you sewing along with this fun game of tag?  Be sure to link up your creations in the link up.  (Click the tab at the top right of the menu bar.)


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