Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Karly from Paisley Roots Favorite Challenge

Yesterday Annika from Nah Connection shared her favorite challenge.  She tagged Karly from Paisley Roots to play and she's sharing her favorite challenge with us today.  

It's no secret that I love Project Run & Play. It's what got me into blogging and it's been an amazing journey so far!  When told to choose a "favorite theme", I struggled. I have sooo many favorite theme's and looks through-out the years, how can you choose only one? It's like asking me which of my children is my favorite! 
So, I made a collage. 

The themes are my favorite part of Project Run & Play. It pushes me to look at things in a different way and I love the challenge! 

Of course I can't leave out my favorite look I made during my season, Signature Style week. I still love the color palette of Aevarie's look. It makes me smile every time I see the pictures and it makes me all giddy inside that all that work paid off! My favorite item for Aev's is the blazer. I'm stoked that Zoe finally fits in it and it's still on my list to grade out and release it as a pattern.

Gavin's look was my first time making a full out denim pair of jeans and I haven't been able to stop since! They're one of my favorite items of clothing to make. 

I'm tagging Louise from I'm Feelin' Crafty.

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