Monday, July 4, 2016

Ashley and Emily from Frances Suzanne's favorite Challenge

I can't believe it, but we are on the last week of this series! To start us off right, here are Ashley and Emily from Frances Suzanne sharing their favorite challenge.

Hi again, everyone! Hmmmmm. . . our favorite challenge of Season 8? Looking back {and not counting our "Signature Look" as a "true" challenge}, we'd have to say: the "LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES" CHALLENGE! Although {truth be told} we lost a LOT of sewing time trying to decide on the movie to represent, but once we landed on Mary Poppins, the rest was history! 

The movie references noted on each girls' outfits {there were TONS!} had us giggling time and time again! We opted to look at this challenge in two ways - by designing a MOVIE-inspired outfit and a CHARACTER-inspired outfit. 
From the minute planning details to the fun photo shoot, we LOVED introducing the girls to this "classic" movie. They STILL quote from Mary Poppins, sing the songs, and laugh at various parts of the movie. So, not only did the girls gain a few outfits through this challenge, there were memories made to last a lifetime!!

This challenge also was a precursor to sewing the girls "Disney Inspired Outfits" for our recent trip to Disney. We opted NOT to sew a Mary Poppins inspired garment because it was difficult to visualize a new creation after making these two. . . Now, to tag someone else . . . rumor has it, Rachel's {nest full of eggs} favorite challenge might be one of our favorite sew-along challenges. So, why not keep our favorites coming with this tag?!?! Rachel, you're it!

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