Friday, July 1, 2016

Cassie from Lily Shine Boutique's favorite challenge

Yesterday, RaeAnna tagged Cassie, and today she is here to share her favorite challenge.


Hey all!!! I chose the 80s cartoon challenge because it still takes my breath away when I scroll through the images from that photo shoot and think of what a great adventure it was!! My kids were just playing with the rainbow parachute this week- it was worn as a bridal veil but hey, it's still getting some love!!

Since my season with PR&P, I have hit the ground running with pattern design for Little Lizard King. Drop Waist Diva, my final entry for PR&P, was my debut design. Since then, I have produced over 20 patterns, brought on a creative assistant and we've expanded our team to include a ladies pattern designer, and a dear friend, Becca Duval! Our team is flourishing and we are just thrilled with the creative vibes we can share with one another. 

I have enjoyed seeing Project Run & Play continue to grow and look forward to following future seasons! 
I'll tag Ashley and Emily of Frances Suzanne!

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