Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time to Vote! The Pokemon Challenge

It's week one and we are so excited to get started with our Pokemon Challenge!  Our designers knocked it out of the park on week one.  Make sure you scroll down to see all of their outfits and click over to their sites to read more---as well as leave them some comment love, they love your comments!!

Voting on the designs opens this morning and will close on Thursday night at 8 pm MT.  It is one vote per IP address....and this season we are trying something new....we are hiding the public vote.  That is 50% of their scores...so make sure you vote for your favorite, they need your support. We will announce the winner on Friday morning and unfortunately send the first person home.  Now, enough reading this, and get to the fantastic outfits below!

Gracious Threads--Casual Toddler Style
Gracious Threads Toddler Pokemon

Hi all! Today I'm thrilled to share with you my Pokemon inspired look for a toddler. My 3 year old is nice and warm in a quilted nylon puffer vest. I drafted the vest myself, but borrowed the hood from Ottobre 4/2015 # 19. The back yoke is sewn from faux leather and the leather is also used to trim the patch pockets. The hood is detachable with large metal snaps. I lined the vest with a super soft wool flannel that I felted in the dryer. The vest closes with a 2 way separating zipper. Under his vest is a long sleeve crew neck tee that I drafted myself (my Chestnut Tee & Dress pattern) that features an adorable Charmander cotton lycra panel. 

The jeans were drafted by combining my own Gracious Threads Everest Pants pattern with the Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads. I distressed all the seams with sandpaper before topstitching with a white jean thread. I've included a ton of details to these jeans: brass rivets, a functional fly with brass button and zipper, adjustable buttonhole elastic, and bias enclosed side seams so that there is a pop of colour when the cuffs are rolled up. The back pockets are cut out of 2 pieces and are appliqued with a lightening bolt, just like Pikachu's tail. The backpack is self drafted and sewed out of a thick cotton twill. The bag is interfaced with a heavy interfacing and keeps its shape. I lined the back straps with 1/2" foam and include an adjustable buckle and reflective trim. Watch for a free pattern for the bag on my blog this fall! Finally I sewed up a quick Pikachu softie for my son to keep in his backpack. I drew it out myelf and it is sewn from fleece with an appliqued face. I encourage you to head on over to my blog for way more photographs and information about each piece. 

Pensebrox--Pokemon Trainer SEB

We are big fans of Pokémon here! It only seemed natural for the Week 1: Pokémon theme to create a Trainer inspired look for Seb. He already considers himself to be something of a Pokémon expert and the athletic tinged street style you often see the Trainers wearing lends itself well to boys clothing. The jacket Seb wears is self-drafted starting from a basic bodice sloper. I wanted the design to be practical with sporty features such as a funnel neck to keep out the chill, side seam pockets, and easy to move in raglan sleeves, but also stylish with the slight exaggeration to the neck design, the stylized Pokéball that functions as a third pocket and the fun color accents. My fabric choices were ponte for the main body, scuba for the accents, and closed sports mesh for the lining, wanting to capture both practicality and style.

Seb requested that part of the outfit be inspired my Clemont, his favorite Trainer from the series, and that prompt lead to the design for the t-shirt! I started with Shwin's Anytime At All Tee that I modified the length on and customized the sleeves with color-blocking similar to the details you see on the oversuit that Clemont wears. Since Clemont is something of a nerd and inventor, the striped jersey was chosen for the main body because it reminded me of notebook paper and I free motion stitched his catchphrase, "The future is now, thanks to science!", onto the fabric like a hastily scribbled note. In the more recent Nintendo Pokémon games I often noticed the pants were pretty simple with some stylish touches. Wanting to follow a similar aesthetic, I started with Blank Slate Pattern's Clean Slate Pants. I adjusted the sizing, changed the welt pockets to patch pockets, and added leg detail by blocking panels of the same gray pinstripe denim, cut on the bias. Thank you for taking the time to read about the look I created for Trainer Seb! If you are interested in more photos, details, or behind the scenes fun, be sure to stop by PenSebRox.

Wild & Wanderful--Who's that Poke-Trainer?

It took basically everything in my power to not make a full blown cosplay look for the Pokemon theme.  I decided to dial back my excitement and instead created something that is wearable as a full outfit, but also as separate pieces mixed with other clothing Louis already owns.  What's more "Pokemon Inspired" than turning your child into a walking, talking PokeBall?  A little colorblocking and appliquéing was all it took to turn the Patterns for Pirates YoHo Henley into a 6-year-old approved tee.  I really wanted to make a head-to-toe look for Louis so I decided to make a replica of Ash Ketchum's hat, using the Street Kred hat by Apple + Fig.  Louis sometimes thinks that he wants to wear a baseball cap but then changes his mind quickly...so the hat became more of a prop than an actual wardrobe piece for this shoot.  Kids, ya know?

By far, the pants are the show-stopper for me.  I used the Patterns for Pirates Playground Pants as a base, slimmed the legs, added a drawstring and pockets, and turned them into jogger-style sweats.  Big pockets = happy kiddo.  I borrowed the pocket idea from a pair of shorts I'd made a couple of years ago from Rabbit Rabbit Creations.  They are over-exaggerated and allow for some fun pattern mixing, and I loved being able to add the licensed fabric as the pocket lining.  Louis has been crazy about Pokemon for a while now, but the new game has sent him over the top.  Blue being his favorite color, he hastily joined Team Mystic and I couldn't help but add the team-specific detail and the word "Trainer" down his left leg.  If he didn't go to a school that required uniforms, I'm pretty sure Lou would try and wear these pants every day.  But to be honest, I would too.  I kind of wish I'd made them in my size.  Please CLICK HERE to see more of this cute Poke-Trainer, as well as to get pattern and fabric links to everything used for this look.  Thanks so much to the PR+P team for letting me play along this season!  It's been a fabulous experience!  

Sew and Tell Project--Gotta Catch Some ZZZ's...

The Pokemon Go craze has hit the nation - it seems like everyone is obsessed with idea that you "Gotta Catch Them All!" Well, all the running around can be exhausting. I decided that some comfy Pokemon-inspired pajamas were in order because we all "Gotta Catch Some ZZZ's!" Straying from many typical pajama styles, I created comfortable pieces that are perfect for active kids who are too excited about the new day ahead of them to bother changing before they are off on another adventure. After all, you never know when Charmander might appear in your backyard! That is exactly why I added a cozy and warm jacket to the ensemble. With a jacket this fun, it is sure to be grabbed on the way out the door!   

 Can you tell how much he loves the whole set? It is all so perfect for lounging around the house, camping, or just everyday pajamas! To create this look, I used patterns from three of my favorite designers. The pajama shirt is a long sleeve version of the Streamline Tee by New Horizons Designs. I used HTV to add a fun message - "Gotta Catch Some ZZZ's!" The pajama pants are a warm fleece version of the pants from the Moto Maxx Set by Love Notions. The knee patches were just begging for some creative color-blocking so I went with red and white - just like a pokeball! The High Five Hoodie from Peekaboo Pattern Shop was a fantastic starting point for the jacket. From the front, with the hood down, it just looks like a regular yellow and black jacket. For a surprise - put up the hood, turn around and then - Pikachu! As an added bonus, a pokeball pajama keeper adds the final touch. I started with the pokeball pillow pattern from the blog Sew Desu Ne? by Choly Knight. I added a hidden zipper under the black stripe and constructed the interior in such a way that it is fully lined. The hidden layers of batting keep the exterior smooth while the interior can hold all sorts of things from pajamas to special treasures! For directions to make your own pokeball pajama keeper and catch up on more details about our Pokemon-inspired pajama ensemble, come on over to the Sew and Tell Project and say "Hi!"   


Inspinration--Serena's newest look

 When this season's themes were announced, I did a little happy dance. We love Pokemon, Netflix does not have all the 900 episodes (!), so after seeing the first two seasons, my kids started watching the most recent one. Ash and Pikachu are the main characters but the rest of his team has changed. One of his new team members is Serena. During the series she drastically changed her look, and I love the new version. It is girly but tough, like my middle daughter, who supports the same kind of messy hair style. 

Inspired by Serena's a pink dress with a white collar and blue ribbon, I made pink dress with a white yoke and a (light) blue button. The original dress is totally open on the front (with a black top underneath), but I chose for a hidden button placket which gives the same feel, without showing skin. The sleeveless halter cardigan (I am curious if that would work in real life) plus hat idea, got turned into a hooded bolero. The black bias finish is a tribute to the black top and black stripe on Serena's hat. Serena's black knee socks became black tights. I adjusted the Wild and Free louche pants, in such a way that the knees now feature Pancham (Serena's pokemon). For much more info and pictures, hop over to my blog post.


Sew Sophie Lynn--What a Catch!!

 It's here, it's really here! I'm jumping up and down with excitement that I get to share my first look with you all! I have to admit I was stumped with this weeks theme. Amazingly not one of my kids has been a Pokemon fan so I immediately turned to my pal Google. I was inspired by the classic Pokemon character Pikachu and the ever important Pokeball for my looks. I went simple and feminine and know that these are pieces that will get worn long after this challenge is over. 

I used the Blake Dress from Mingo and Grace for the base of my Pikachu look. I found the coolest yellow and black zipper that runs the full length of the back. To add more texture we added leggings made with gorgeous stretch lace. Topped with a detachable black lace collar, the outfit is chic but also playground ready! My little Pokeball is looking every bit the rock star in Sloane Tuxedo pants from Violette Fields Threads with a dazzling black sequin stripe. The top is a Calla Lily Crop Top from Jennuine Designs with added length and modified hem and a facing instead of full lining. My love affair with KAM snaps is evident up the back and the hem is finished with bias tape and the cutest ball fringe. We had a blast when we headed downtown for this shoot. My little Poke girls love their new outfits and I hope you do too! For more details and pics head over to SewSophieLynn! Save

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  1. So fun. Such a good start to the new series. Boy and girl looks. Todflers and (almost) teenagers. Love the mix. Really hard to choose. Good luck to all of you!

  2. So fun. Such a good start to the new series. Boy and girl looks. Todflers and (almost) teenagers. Love the mix. Really hard to choose. Good luck to all of you!

  3. Such unique, creative, gorgeous looks! Great job, all!

  4. I have voted, but it was tough to choose just one!! These are all fantastic!

  5. Great designs! I love following Project Run Play :)
    Just making sure my vote went through...
    After voting it says: 'Thank you, we have already counted your vote.'

  6. I voted, but I really wanted to vote three times as I was so torn about who to vote for!
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

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