Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween Link Party

Today we get to start what is always my favorite linky party of the year....the kids Halloweeen Costume linky party!

It is always so much fun to see what costumes are being made and how amazing they turn out.
We can't wait to see what gets linked up!

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  1. Because the makeup for my eight-year-old is extensive, I haven't written my Halloween post yet. :) Costumes are done, though. Friday is their Fall Festival, and they have to go in costume, so I'll write it Friday night. I made costumes for all three this year--two pokemon costumes and a creepy, possessed, broken doll costume.

  2. May I suggest that next year you keep the link party open a day or two past halloween? Many folks (me) are sewing right up until the last minute and don't have time to get photos edited and posted on or before Halloween night. I would have liked to join in but it's closed now.


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