Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Interview with Coffee+Thread

Meet Olga! She blogs over at Coffee+Thread.
I asked Olga a few questions to get to know her better, here is what she said:

What are your favorite materials to sew with?
My favorite fabric to work with is probably voile; I love how it drapes and feels like silk, but is so much easier to work with. I also enjoy working with natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wool. Since I mostly sew garments, I prefer fabrics that work best for garment making.

 If you could make a garment for anyone in history, who would it be, and for what occasion?
Oh man, that's a tough question! My favorite fashion era is the 1960s. I would like to say it would be awesome to sew for Jacqueline Kennedy, but I think I would die of fear if I had to! Her style was impeccable; she had so much grace and elegance! 

What level sewist would you consider yourself?
I think I am intermediate to advanced, though I can't say I will be able to sew anything! I wouldn't dare to make a wedding dress or a real ball gown! 

What project would you recommend for a beginner?
 Simple gathered skirt with an elastic waistband is a perfect beginner friendly project. Simple pants with an elastic waistband are also quite easy to make! 

What does a typical day look like for you?
I usually work a few hours a day on pattern designing, sewing samples, writing tutorials, etc. My youngest is still at home with me, so like any other mother I juggle swim lessons, gymnastic practices, preschool runs with trying to build and grow my sewing patterns business. I also enjoy photography quite a bit and love to take and edit pictures. Whenever there is any time left, I sew for fun. I wish there were more hours in a day.
When do you sew?
I try to sew in the morning, otherwise other obligations take over and sewing doesn't happen. 

Do you eat when you sew? And if so, what? 
I usually don't eat, though sometimes I snack on almonds or apples. I do have a cup (or two) of coffee or tea. I love a good cup of tea!  

What is the thing/ fabric you are still afraid to sew?
Silk chiffon scares me! It's so delicate and takes so much care to sew with; I stay away from it!

If you could sew just one thing over and over forever, what would it be?
I hardly ever sew the same pattern twice, unless it's a pattern I am working on. But if given a choice, probably a t-shirt. It's rather a quick sew and easy to achieve unique looks by choosing different fabrics! 

Who do you sew for?
I mostly sew for my four children, especially my oldest daughter. If you follow my blog, she makes the most appearances. My youngest daughter has so many clothes items that I haven't been sewing as much for her. I wish I had more time to sew for my two boys; they are probably the most grateful recipients. Occasionally, I sew for myself. My goal is to sew more for myself; I just wish there was more time!  
It was a pleasure having you here, Olga. So nice to learn more about you!
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