Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Interview with Deux Souriceaux

I asked Raphaelle, who blogs over at Deux Souriceaux, a few questions. Here's what she said:

What are your favorite materials to sew with?
Ever since I've tried the Liberty of London tana lawn and jersey, they've been my absolute favorite! They're so soft, hold up well in the wash and are pretty easy to sew. Honorable mention goes to that Telio bamboo rayon jersey (I used it to make the top in my picture). It was easy to sew, had good stretch and recovery, and had a nice thickness to it. I just don't know how it will hold up in the wash yet (I did prewash and it looks promising.)
What level sewist would you consider yourself?
 Intermediate.  I'm not afraid of trying anything but I haven't yet tried all techniques (hello welts!) and I certainly don't consider myself an expert.

 What project would you recommend for a beginner?
It really depends on the person.  Some beginners are afraid of new techniques so I would pick something with mainly straight seams. Others are more adventurous so I would let them pick something with curved seams and a zipper. Pj pants or a simple gathered skirt are great but most important is to make something you actually want.
  Do you eat when you sew? And if so, what?
Never! Knowing myself, I would stain my fabric! I don't even drink tea or coffee while sewing, just water. 

 What is the thing/ fabric you are still afraid to sew?
A tailored jacket.  I really really want to get there because blazers are one of my wardrobe staples but all that tailoring, multiple interfacings, sleeve heads...  I'm very intimidated.  
Why do you sew?
I started sewing because of textile school. I had a class coming up that would involve sewing fabric I'd made. But in this class, basic sewing knowledge was assumed. So one Summer, I started sewing with my mother's old sewing machine and Sewing for Dummies, just to prepare for that class. But then, we moved to New York, I had to drop out, and never took that class. I kept sewing on my own, just to get better at it and be able to sew my fabrics well. And now, I sew for the pleasure of making, for the creativity, for the challenge of learning and doing a good job. 
Who do you sew for?
I sew for my two girls (aged 5 and almost 9) and for myself. I used to try to make everything for all three of us but it took the pleasure out of sewing because I was stuck making so many basics all the time. Now, I focus on projects that make my heart sing. 
Thank you so much for joining us today, Raphaelle! It was fun getting to know you a little bit better.

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