Friday, December 9, 2016

A few of my Favorite Things: Michelle

Hi everyone! Michelle here, from Falafel and the Bee and one of the Virtual Assistants here on Project Run and Play, sharing a few of my most favorite sewing supplies and notions with you. These are things I would be a little lost without.

Water soluble stabilizer 
For aiding me in sewing on tiny scraps. This stuff is amazing. You can see the results on a project I did, here. Total game changer in the way of upcycling possibilities.

Clover Wonder clips. 
I use these little things every single time I sew. They are great for holding on binding, delicate fabrics that you cannot pin, and even patterns in place. LOVE these.

Kotobuki Traditional Japanese Thread Scissors

Handy because where I sew is a small space. Every inch counts. They get right down close to your stitches to trim those straggly threads. Quick snip. Done.



 Westcott iPoint Evolution Electric Pencil Sharpener

Weird, right? Well, when I trace patterns, I keep this baby close by, because my pencil gets dull quickly (and there's really not much worse, when you are tracing a pattern).


Scotch Magic Tape 

Speaking of tracing patterns....this stuff is essential to me! I tape the patterns using plain old matte finish Scotch Tape. In fact, when people have asked what they can get me as a gift, I have replied "LOTS of Scotch Tape". They thought I was joking! It is true. I go through rolls of this stuff. 


And this is my favorite make of 2016. It was difficult to narrow it down to just one thing, but I think this jacket sums up my style and was one of the most creative things I have sewn.

You can see the original post here.
One of my passions is upcycling. There are so many resources if we just look around and recognize the potential. This jacket began as a few pair of her sister's jeans. They didn't fit her anymore, and some had holes. Why not make them into something else?
To add more of a contrast, since they were all the same denim color, I turned some of the panels inside out before sewing them. I love the effect, and love the scraps I used on the back with the stabilizer (see link above). No waste!

This was such a fun challenge. Trying not to waste any part of the jeans, I seam ripped the waistband off a pair, and used it for the hem of the jacket. Even the back pocket was used. Can you spot it?

Thank you for having me as a Guest. It was fun being on this side of things. 
Now you all know what to get me for Christmas. Ha!
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