Friday, January 27, 2017

liZ's Sewing Space

Hello!  This is liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company and I am happy to be over here at Project Run and Play sharing a peek into my sewing room.

Now I just moved a few months ago and was able to get what I consider my dream sewing room.
Here is why it is a dream to me:
*It is an entire room...all for me...just for sewing and quilting.
*It is located on the second story of our house.  
*It has a window with a beautiful view.
*It's warm.
*It can hold all of my machines, work tables, and fabric shelves.
*It is an entire room...all for me...just for sewing and quilting.
(Yes, I know I said that last one twice...but to me it's significant enough to mention twice.)

That right there is the view from my window.
My desk looks out over that view every day and I don't think I will ever get tired of it.
Maybe I should make my dreams grander...but for me...I feel really lucky.

As for inside the room itself... has been the last room in the house on the list to be "finished" (apparently my family thinks that rooms like bedrooms and kitchens are more important) so as of today it is still isn't completely set up.

However, the walls have been painted in lovely shades of blush, cocoa, and white and my machines are all set up.

Most of the furniture and items that will be going into this room can be found on a post I wrote about a year ago talking about what IKEA items I used in my sewing space.  However, my favorite piece of furniture comes from my grandma.

It's her old 1950's Pfaff sewing machine table with the Pfaff still tucked away neatly inside.
I adore this table and it's what I use to keep my serger on.

There is a lot I love about this table but my favorite part is the top drawer that I will never change.

When I was little I remember rummaging around in the drawer looking at all the thread and notions...all of which are still there...and as long as I have the table will always be.  

Every time I open the drawer it makes me happy.

The other thing in my room that makes me happy are the bolts of the fabric that we have designed over the years lining the tops of my shelves.  I know I should use them up but I don't think I ever will.  Just having them around to look at gives me joy and I'm not ready to give that up yet.

And speaking of things I'm not willing to give up...

I was talking to Elizabeth (my sister in law and other half of Simple Simon and Company) on the phone the other day when I had a freak out.
I was unpacking fabric boxes when I uncovered a woman's head staring blankly up at me from the bottom of the box.

It was scary!
Even though I had seen her face a million times and was the one who had packed her away in the box.  
She is an old hairdressing head from when my sister went to beauty school.
Somehow I inherited her and she lives in my sewing room.

My husband, kids, and even Elizabeth want me to get rid of her because they think she is creepy...but I like her.  She reminds me of Madame Leota (from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland) so she's staying. that I have gotten way off track I'm going to wrap this up.

My sewing room isn't completely set up...yet.
But it will be.
Meanwhile I am relishing having a room and a window and loving the time I get to spend working in it.  Even the unpacking and sorting feels like play.  

Like I said, for sewing space feels like a dream come true!

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