Friday, March 17, 2017

And the Winner is....

This week we've had a contestant who had to drop out for some personal reasons....we always say that family comes first around we wish her well!!!

So, with that said, we just have a winner this week!  And it is Pearberry Lane with her two darling Spring Greenery outfits!! Congratulations!

We will see you Monday for week #3!

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  1. I absolutely loved these outfits and their bright colors. Of course it helps that my beautiful granddaughters are the ones modeling them! But I couldn't be more proud of my daughter Cassy for winning his weeks project runway. The girls and I made strawberry freezer jam while Cassy put on the finishing touches. I was glad I got to be there to warm the girls up between pictures as it was pretty chilly out. It was a crazy weekend with the other two family members down with the flu! But all worth it for a win!! Congratulations Cassy! I couldn't be prouder of the mother, woman, and professional seamstress you've become. I love you---Mom


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