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It's Time to Vote: All About That Place

We are so excited to start a new season of Project Run and Play. The themes are so fun and this week we are talking about travel---or places that we (or our kids) would love to travel to!

Be sure to scroll down and see all the outfits and the amazing details that were put into each one, then vote at the bottom. The polls will be open until Thursday at 8 pm (MT) and each computer gets one vote. Good luck to each and every one of you!!

PA Country Crafts--Notre Dame Dreams

This challenge was hard for me because we don't really travel and it isn't something that I even consider. Eventually I decided that I wanted to really push my sewing skills and I went with my first instinct... if I allow myself to dream, if could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Europe to see the architecture. (I am a little jealous of my brother's recent European travels!) I studied cathedrals for an art history paper in college and I especially love the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, so that was my inspiration for this outfit.

For the daughter I chose to model, nothing is too fancy. She wants a fashionable outfit every day, so I was able to made something dressy that she will still wear often. First, I created a circle skirt inspired by the famous rose window of the Notre Dame cathedral. For the top, I added piping in the front to mimic the arch of the flying buttresses. The back was a special challenge... I made a cutout in the shape of a pointed, Gothic arch and added crossing straps to mimic the beams in the vaulted ceilings. (I know those are technical terms, but I swiped some of my brother's pictures to share over on my blog to explain more!) Since the applique took forever I missed the warm spell we had here and decided to make a reversible, velour cape to keep my model a little warmer for the photo shoot. Finally, I made a matching headband because she insists on wearing one with nearly every outfit. She plans on wearing this outfit to school today because she loves it, so I hope you like it as much as she does!

Coral & Co--Hopping in the Greek Isles

I absolutely loved this week's theme to pick any place we wanted!  Since we live by the beach I knew we had to do something to do the with water.  And one of the places I have wanted to travel most is Greece.  I was inspired by the dreamy Mediterranean blues and greens and wanted to make flowing pieces that would be at home along the water.  

I used light flowy fabrics and paired them with classic shapes.  For the dress I made a high low trapeze dress that is gathered at the neck and has braided straps, with a lace cutout on the back.  For the tunic I modified the hide and seek top from Oliver + S and added ruffles to the side seams.  I added a Greek Style hand embroidered pattern to the front as well.  I also made a lace lined double skirt with a french terry knit on the top.  My outfits really came together around the colors of the sea and represent the easy style of the Greek Isles.  Come check see more of my look at Coral + Co.
Thank you!

Pear Berry Lane--Parisian Pantsuit


I'm so excited to be here at week one of Season 13! Visiting Europe is on my places to travel bucket list. I decided to create a Parisian style pantsuit to go with this theme. I love the clean lines and simplicity of children's European fashion so I knew this would be a great match for my style. I started with some gray suiting from JoAnn Fabrics. For my pants, I mashed my favorite features of the Lil Luxe Collection Papillon Shorties (scalloped front, knife pleats, and pockets) with the Sewolsophy Serendipity Trousers. I love the fit of these trousers and the flat felled seam in the rear. I love a little reinforcement in my booty seams with how crazy my little ones can get. I modified the front yoke of the pants by adding scallops and a facing to finished the scallop edges, this technique comes from the shorties pattern. I created my own pockets based on the the pant pattern. Lastly, I replaced the gathered front with the knife pleats. For the Voile blouse I started with the Lauren Pintuck Top from Made for Mermaids. I kept the front pintucks, because I think they fit the theme perfectly. I modified the rest of the pattern by removing the collar and facing and finishing the neckline with handmade bias tape. I removed the keyhole back and replaced it with a full button placket. The voile and buttons were both from one of my local shops, Let's Sew. Gobin WK 1 Collage C.jpg
 I created the cape starting with a circle skirt base and model measurements. I knew I wanted a crop length so that I could still have focus on the front of the pants. I cut the circle skirt and drew up the collar. The cape is lined with a pale pink satin from JoAnn's which I also used for the front ties as well. I love how the satin gives it a taste of formal. Lastly, I finished off this look with the perfect Parisian accessory, a beret. What is a Parisian look without one really? This style came from the Serendipity beret. I made some adjustments to the elasticized back, but that is about it. Be sure to swing by my blog Pear Berry Lane to get all the great shots, additional details, and fun outtakes of this set.

Duchess & Hare--Springtime in Britain


I think this was the hardest theme for me settle on an inspiration for. I had so many ideas, but most of them were total cosplay (probably because Comic Con was coming up) and didn't quite seem right. Where would I like to go? I wanted to go to the fantasy lands in my books and I just couldn't get my mind off it. Westeros, The Shire, Longbourn House, Hogwarts...

I looked at the common thread and decided that my destination would be England. If I did go, I'd definitely want to go in the spring and view the countryside full of English daisies and other wildflowers.
For my look, I custom drafted each piece to fit my daughter. The blouse is made from lawn and has thread work along the front placket and sleeves to give a soft feminine look. I chose a soft floral lawn reminiscent of the fields of wildflowers I hope I would see. The skirt is made of rich velveteen that perfectly compliments the greens in the blouse. My favorite piece is the hat which is made of a herringbone flannel and lined with the same lawn used for the blouse. I pleated the band to add some visual interest. I topped off the look with a shawl, knit by my friend, to take the chill out of the spring air. Head over to my blog here to learn more about my look.

SEWWHATYOULOVE—Once upon a dream

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of visiting a magical forest – fairydust, unicorns, wings, that’s what my daughters dreams are about today. If I could take her to any place, it would be that enchanted forest.

For her fairy dress I used the Molly Dress by Simple Life Pattern Company and alternated it in length and width and added the sleeves. I modified the Button up blouse sleeves by Blank Slate pattern to sit well on the dress. I wish I could say I designed those fairy wings, but I used the fabulous Butterfly wings pattern by Wife-Made and the pattern leaves a lot of options open to work with. I just added an ultra-firm stabilizer (Pellon 71F Peltex) to make them really stiff.

As you might have noticed I’m a sucker for mixing and matching colors and including little unexpected details, like the popping red of the sleeve facing, the unicorn horn or the butterfly hairband. By choosing the fabric lines Wanderer and Observer by April Rhodes I tried to incorporate those thoughts and feelings we connect with these two words into the outfit. I want my little fairy to wander and observe that magical dreamland for as long as possible. Want to see more? Take a look at @sewwhatyoulove https://www.instagram.com/sewwhatyoulove/ .

I Married Superman - Modern Scandinavia 

My first thought when I saw the Week One challenge (All About that Place) was, "Where on EARTH would I want to take 6 children aged 7 and under?" Naturally my answer was nowhere. But then I started thinking about it and I knew exactly where I would like to go with my kids (if someone else were paying for it and I could book Mary Poppins as our travel nanny.) Scandinavia! I mean all those bright, colorful houses! It's inspirational to a searcher of bold, happy walls like myself. :) I was also inspired by old Swedish books my Mom used to read to me like Flicka, Ricka, Dicka or Snip, Snap, Snur and The Children of Noisy Village. I love the artwork in the books. The bright pops of red (especially old red barns) knee socks, pompom beanies, patched sweaters, mixed with all sorts of patterns--so kid friendly and fun. I wanted what I made to embody the charm of the old while embracing the new. So I sewed up some clothes and we went red barn hunting. And my Modern Scandinavia look was born. 

I specifically designed the looks to be completely kid friendly. Nothing stiff, just comfortable and cozy, with little pops of color and fun. I think childhood should be sweet and innocent and I wanted these clothes to reflect that feeling. So we've got shawl collars, elbow patches, playful florals, and lots of knit fabric. I tried to kept things simple, wearable, and clean with little visual surprises scattered through. Hop on over to my blog and take a look! 

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