Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mini Project Run & Play Theme

Today we get to reveal to you the theme our 6 designers will be using in their weekly sew offs.  For each of the 3 weeks of this mini season, the designers will be sewing to the same theme:

Inspired by Art Gallery Fabrics

Fabric produced by Art Gallery Fabrics lives up to the company name.  Each designer creates a collection of fabric worthy of being framed and hung in a museum or, well, art gallery!

Art Gallery Fabrics offers their designs on quilting cotton, and (just in the past several years) on several GARMENT substrates too!  With a tagline like Feel The Difference  you really must get your hands on some to appreciate them fully!

For this mini season of Project Run & Play, we've challenged our 6 designers to use the Art Gallery Fabrics garment substrates  (knit, rayon, denim, voile, and canvas) when sewing their looks.  We just know what they create will be fantastic!

Wonderful Things collection

Art Gallery Fabrics has donated all the fabrics our designers are using in this mini season. Isn't that awesome?!
If you would like to keep up with their latest news, you can follow them on the social media links below:

AGF on Facebook
AGF on Twitter
AGF on Pinterest
AGF on Instagram
AGF on YouTube

Let's not forget our generous sponsors this season! Most of them carry a beautiful selection of Art Gallery Fabrics.  If you click on a link below, you'll go straight to that sponsor's selection.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

And these sponsors below have thousands of fabrics that would coordinate beautifully with Art Gallery Fabrics:

Happy Shopping!  We'll see you tomorrow when we open the link up for the month and share the FANTASTIC prize!

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