Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Sew a Contrast Panel in a High-Low Skirt

We are wrapping up Mini Project Run and Play with Tutorial Week! All three winners of the mini competitions have put together tutorials for elements in their looks so that you can make them too!
Today we kick it all off with the week 3 winner, Ari from Max California:

Morning PR&P, it's ari! Thank you SO Much for your votes on my look, i'm so stoked you loved it as much as i did! It was so much fun to be playing again! Today I've just thrown together a quick tutorial on how i did the contrast panel on Eddie's dress!

I used the Groove Dress by Made-It Patterns for Eddie's gorgeous dress so I thought I would do a tutorial on the simple little inside panel I added! This would work easily for any pattern with a lowered back hem for the skirt (or even a shirt!)

Trace the lower part of the skirt from the side seam and add about two cm to the top edge (you could add more if you like!).

I used woven fabric in the original dress and stitched it onto the knit dress which was a little tricky but worked out fine! Ideally you'd want to use the same sort of fabric/weight as the main fabric but also this is the sort of thing you can have fun with so, heck, sew whatever you want!

Fold over the top edge and press it (OR, be a little cheat like me with this knit fabric and just serge across the top. you just want it to have a nice edge). Right sides together, sew along the lower edge of the skirt and the contrast panel right up to the side seams. Clip along the curve and then flip it right side out.

Press it so it sits so nice! You can top stitch if you want, which i did to emulate the hem that will be going on the front of the dress. Carefully pin the top of the panel down to the back of the skirt (the part you folded over in the beginning) and stitch across it. Now just sew up the dress as usual! This is going to be a cute little green groove dress with a rainbow peekaboo panel!

Easy, but CUTE!

Thanks, Ari! Everyone needs to tune in tomorrow for the results of the sew along!!!

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