Friday, March 9, 2018

New & Exciting Prizes for Season 15

It's so exciting to share with you some of the new sponsors that are supporting Project Run & Play.  This event would not be possible without sponsors!  Please help thank them by shopping at their stores when you have a need for something they sell.  And follow them on social media too.  Please, please, please let them know their support of Project Run & Play is being noticed.

All of the sponsors and prizes are not listed here today, there are so many generous supporters!  These listed today are just too exciting to keep their prizes quiet!

First of all, each of the designers has been given a $50 shopping spree from CaliFabrics to help them procure fabric and supplies as they create their looks for the themes!  I don't know about you, but I've been over there trying to figure out what fabrics they might be using...maybe this one for the "Astronomical Proportions" theme? 

Next up, our good friends at Art Gallery Fabrics are giving our top 3 designers their choice of Art Gallery Fabric!  There are so many different options: denim, knit, cotton, canvas, voile & rayon!  Please follow Art Gallery Fabrics on Instagram and Facebook to thank them for their generosity!

Here are some more exciting new sponsor:
The top 3 designers will be getting labels from Jennifer's Jewels!
One designer will get a welcome pack from Spoonflower!
Simply By Ti and Winter Wear Designs will be helping thank our designers who don't make it to the top 3!
The top 3 designers will be getting subscriptions to One Thimble!
Sash Fabrics is another new sponsor!
Lil Luxe Collection is rewarding our top 3 designers with patterns!
And so many more!

Now, in the true sense of saving the best for last...

One of our designers is going to take home a Cricut Maker and complete starter package!!!  Can you actually believe it?  I'm still pinching myself!  This is the exciting new machine on the market that cuts FABRIC and tons of other materials too.  Please follow Cricut on Instagram and Facebook to show them their support of Project Run & play matters!

All right friends, get busy sewing along to the themes because the Week 1 sew along opens on Monday and there's a really exciting prize for each week too...see you there!

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