Monday, April 9, 2018

Let's Sew A Rainbow - Red Week

Today is the start of a very fun community project.  We're going to make a rainbow!  You see, it's only about 7 weeks until the start of Season 16, and there are 7 colors in the rainbow.  So let's sew a rainbow together.  

Remember this adorable Sew The Rainbow look from Season 14 by Bonnie of Bonnie and Blithe?

Each week, from now and continuing for the next 7 weeks, you are invited to link up any children's clothing creations you've sewn where the main color is the color of the week.  You do not have to sew anything new, but you are welcome to!  (I know I've been eyeing my stash and all the colors I could use.)    By the time we're finished, we'll have created a rainbow of children's clothing!

Here's the schedule:

April 9 - 14 RED week
April 15 - 21 ORANGE week
April 22 - 28 YELLOW week
April 29 - May 5 GREEN week
May 6 - May 12 BLUE week
May 12 - 19 INDIGO & VIOLET week
May 20 - 26 RAINBOW week (link up something rainbow themed!)

At the end of the last week, there will be a random drawing, and someone will receive a gift certificate.  

Use the hashtag #prpsewsarainbow on social media to spread the word and help other people find Project Run & Play and sew a rainbow too.  Let's make the biggest, most colorful rainbow of children's clothing we can!

Each week we'll also have some fun color-themed inspiration and feature some of the link ups too!

In case you're checking in about the link up winner, we're going to have to give the panel of advisors a little more time to choose a winner!  There were SO MANY talented link ups.  And a decision as important as this should not be rushed.  So please wait a little longer, and in the mean time, link up your RED, CHERRY, ROSE, GARNET, CRIMSON, RUBY, SCARLET, BRICK, APPLE, BERRY, CURRANT, CANDY, LIPSTICK, AND BLUSH sewing creations!  Oh, and since so many of us sew for girls, let's include ALL THE PINK this week too!!!

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  1. This is such a fun idea! My favorite part of Project Run and Play is the sew along, so this is perfect 😍

  2. I'm so excited to see this come together!

  3. I just discovered your page and have been enjoying all the past post. I can’t wait to watch the new season from beginning to end! Do you have an idea when the link up winner will be anonced? I am excited to see who is going to be in the next season. Will the other season applicants be announced with the link up applicant?


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