Friday, May 11, 2018

75+ Things to Sew with Blue Fabric

It's time for a little walk down memory lane for all things BLUE!  This post is full of inspiration from past Project Run & Play Season for things you can sew with green fabric.

Please continue adding your blue makes to the rainbow link up until you see the purple post.  Together we're making a rainbow!

Cape & Dress - PA Country Crafts sewed this creation for the It's All About That Place Challenge during Season 13.

Jacket - Lindsay, etc. sewed this Handsome Homecoming look for the Boy's Week Challenge during Season 5.

Cardigan - Sweeter Thank Cupcakes created this Athleisure: Blurring the Lines look during Season 11 for the Nothing But Knit Challenge.

Hat - CailaMade sewed this Candy Button Baby look for the Candy-Inspired Challenge during Season 7.

T-shirts, jeans, dress! - Max California sewed this KO KO BOP creation for the Knits Challenge during Mini Season 1.

Jumpsuit - Spiegelstiksels created this look for the Denim Challenge during Season 10.

Boho Dress & Vest - 2 Little Hooligans sewed this Boho Kiddo look for the Fashion Icon Challenge during Season 5.

Pants - Winter Wear Designs sewed this Elephant Shoes creation during Season 6 for the Boy's Week Challenge.

Layered Dress - Phat Quarters created this Galactic Party Dress look during Season 15 for the Astronomical Proportions Challenge.

Overalls and Dress - MamideSofiona sewed this Beautiful Buttons look for the All Buttoned Up Challenge during Season 14.

For 65+ more ideas on what to sew with blue fabric, head over to the link up!  And add your own blue sewing creations too!

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