Monday, October 15, 2018

Season 18 Dates & Themes

First of all, thank you very much for your warm response to the new patterns in the Project Run & Play shop!  It really means a lot to have your support as we grow this event we all know and love.  

And now for Season 18!!!  We're so excited for this Season to begin, and to see what you make for these themes!

Week 1: October 29 - November 2: Kid Designed - Momma Sewn 

Kids have definite opinions about the world, which they aren’t afraid to state aloud! This week, let them unleash their opinions on the world with vision and style as you boldly sew what they fantastically design. 

Week 2: November 5-9: Nature Inspired

From the overwhelming crash of a waterfall to the exquisite symmetry of an unfurling fern, the world of nature never ceases to spark awe and give joy. What calms or excites you most when you spend time in nature? Show us with this week’s look. 

Week 3: November 12-16: Celebrations Around the World

Nothing takes the place of a nation’s holidays; vibrant, colorful, joyful days of meaning and celebration. Take your inspiration for this week from celebrations around the world as you seek to re-create the elation of a particular holiday with your look. 

one week break: November 19-24 for Thanksgiving holiday

Week 4: November 26-30: Signature Style

Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste and most suitably showcases your skill set.

Which of these themes are you most excited to sew???

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