Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And the first location is...

Today we're very excited to reveal that the first stop on the world tour is 


Did you guess this location?  It's going to be a grand tour in the land down under!  It's summer there, so prepare yourself to be inspired to sew for the upcoming seasons if you're in the northern hemisphere!  And aren't the Season 19 themes perfect for this location?

Now who immediately pops into your mind?  Who do you think will be one of the designers?  Be sure to come back Friday to meet them!

Which fabric, notion and pattern companies do you know that are located in Australia or New Zealand?  Some of the very best companies from those countries will be helping to reward our Australian designers.  We'll reveal the entire list of sponsors to you in a few weeks...

Now as you might have guessed, Project Run & Play is not based in Australia.  So therefore an on-the-ground helper is required for some of the leg work.  Thankfully, several former designers on Project Run & Play have been located in Australia or New Zealand, and one in particular has been extremely helpful to me!

The very big hearted Ari of Max California has been tirelessly working on the ground to help bring about the very best Australian Season imaginable!  Ari is so kind and talented, it's really a privilege to have her help with Season 19.

Hopefully, Ari is still finding time to sew because her sewing is so inspiring for everyone!  Remember during Mini Season 1 when she sewed up this fantastic look?  And made us all envious of how cool her kids are?  Read all about it here.

Go follow Ari on Instagram for her latest sewing adventures.  You'll be so inspired!

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