Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Panel of Advisors

Today you get to meet a special group of ladies.  These ladies agreed to help me out by serving on the panel of advisors for 2019.  Each of these ladies SHONE on their Season and brings a special, unique viewpoint to the Panel of Advisors.  

They are helping me shape the future of Project Run & Play, reigning me in when I get too carried away with an idea, offering suggestions, helping judge the sew along, and more!  Without them I'd be overwhelmed.  So please give a very warm welcome to these ladies:

Tami of SewSophieLynn from Seasons 12 and 15.  Besides sewing up the most inspirational sewing creations for her kids, like her I'm an Autumn look, her handmade wardrobe is truly enviable!  Follow her on Instagram for all the sewing goodness you can imagine. 

Candice of Candice Ayala from Season 16.  Her incredible Circus inspired creation is still the talk of the sewing community!  You can follow her on Instagram for lots of sewing and up cycling, including her daughter's sewing journey.

Sabra of Sew A Straight Line from Season 16.  Remember the time she made shoes (SHOES!!!) for her Sew Your Stash look?  You can follow her on Instagram for tons of sewing and cute kids.

Annika of Naeh Connection from Season 11.  Do you remember the bunny in the pocket on her Signature Style look?  Follow her on Instagram here for behind the scenes German sewing life.

Teronia of Sew Haute Blog from Season 14.  Her Persnickety Plaid look was so amazing I hear she's been taking you think she'd make it in my size?  Follow her on Instagram here for the cutest little girl models and boutique sewing inspiration.

Ari of Max California from Season 6 & Mini Season 1.  I can't decide if I loved her outfits or her photo shoot more from her Mini Season Ko Ko Bop look.  Follow her on Instagram here to keep up with the coolest kids ever.

Sherri of Mami de Sofiona from Season 14.  She's the lady who made us want to eat her children with her Starbursts and Nerds look!  Follow her on Instagram here for her new pattern company and some of the most beautiful sewing on the web.

These amazing ladies have chosen the themes for Season 19, and they are so inspirational, which ones are you planning to sew?

Please leave a comment below welcoming the Panel of Advisors.  Tell them what look they designed and sewed for Project Run & Play that inspired you!

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