Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bernadette for Project Farmer's Market

Today we're highlighting the D'Anjou Dress and it's designer, Bernadette of Duchess and Hare.

Hello! I’m Bernadette, the creator/ designer behind Duchess and Hare.  I've been blogging and sewing for quite a while now, but I tend to keep behind the scenes where I'm most comfortable.  Now that I've started my own company, I figured it was time to peek from around the corner and say, "HI!"  

I'm a mom of 4, three of which are practically adults men at this point (Who am I kidding, one of them is actually registered to vote!) and the littlest is my model, whom you probably recognize.  I have loved the vintage look since I was a child and I can remember looking through old magazines that I found a garage sale for hours imagining what it was like to dress like the women I saw.  After 3 boys.  I was blessed with my beautiful daughter and through the years created many vintage inspired outfits for her.

I really love the theme of this project.  Farmer’s Market had my mind full of inspiration.  It was so much fun to bounce ideas off of the other ladies in this group and see what they were all doing and how it all pulled together.  My pattern, D’anjou, is great layering piece and perfect for spring.  If you leave off the flutters, it’s great under a cardigan or over a t shirt, but I do love flutters so I made my sample with them.  With lots of options and fun details, you can mix and match it with just about anything.

Be sure to head over to Duchess and Hare for the FREE video tutorial on this darling bow pattern!

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